Beach Wrestling Committee

Pedro Gama Filho
Pedro GAMA FILHO Brazil President
Eisa Momeni Iran Member
Rui Manuel Marta Portugal Member
Ugur Ozturk Turkey Member
Papakonstantinou Konstantinos Greece Member
Ed Duncan United States Member
Eugenius Abarius Russia Member
Ender Yaksi Turkey Member

Mission statement and philosophy

In accordance with its Constitution, United World Wrestling recognises Beach Wrestling as an integrant part of Wrestling in all its styles, promotional and educational discipline practised around the world in view of promoting their cultural and social values and protecting this world heritage upon which all modern wrestling styles are based. 

The Beach Wrestling committee was created by United World Wrestling to contribute to the structuring and promotion of Beach Wrestling in order to include the sport in all official multi-sport events.

Countless variations of traditional wrestling practiced on sand (referred to as “beach wrestling”) can be identified and they should all receive equal attention from the international community. However, common grounds had to be found in order to allow sportsmen from the different regions and countries to compete in official championships and games. The present rules offer a unified competition system that encompasses all major trends of beach wrestling and make the sport easy to understand by the spectators and media and easy to judge by the referees.  


Tasks and duties

  • To promote Beach Wrestling around the World.
  • To establish the Beach Wrestling Calendar.
  • To discuss about the Rules improvment.
  • To support the actions organized around Beach Wrestling.