Technical Commission

Mikhail Mamiashvili Russia President
Pertti Vehviläinen Finland Member
Zhang Ye China Member
Antonino Caudullo Italy Member
Hon. Baraladei Daniel IGALI Canada Member
Rich Bender United States Member
Serguei DEMIACHKEVITCH Belarus Member
Milorad Dokmanac Serbia Secretary
Ali Akbar Dodangeh Iran Member

Tasks and Duties

  • To propose to the Sports Department possible changes to the Wrestling Rules and to the Competition System.
  • To prepare all documentation concerning the Regulations and Technical issues.
  • To study all the rule modifications.
  • To study all the technical issues submitted to United World Wrestling by the National Federations.
  • To publish the annual statistics on the evolution of the various wrestling styles.
  • To work in close collaboration with the other Commissions (Medical, Scientific, Athletes, Refereeing, Coaches) when specific topics are discussed.