Medical, Prevention & Anti-Doping Commission

Babak Shadgan, MD, MSc Sports Med, PhD Canada President
Elena Abaeva, MD Uzbekistan Member
Abdelghani Chahi, MD Morocco Member
Marc Demars, MD France Member
Irina Dulepova, MD Russia Member
Bernard J. Feldman, M.D. United States Member
Klaus Johann, MD Germany Member
Loukas Konstantinou, MD, PhD Greece Member
Mika Lehto, MD, PhD Finland Member
Sadegh Mahboubi, MD Iran Member
Carole Maître, MD France Member
Szabolcs Molnar, MD, PhD Hungary Member
Kohei Nakajima, MD Japan Member
Jose Alfredo Padilha, MD Brazil Member
Stevan Sikimic, MD Serbia Member
Stefan Strugarov, MD, MS Bulgaria Member

Task & Duties

Members of the Medical & Anti-doping Commission have the responsibility:

  • To define and implement the general strategy to protect the wrestlers’ health.
  • To define and implement the UWW anti-doping program (testing and education).
  • To prepare publications on accident prevention through different media (books, multimedia, mobile apps, etc.).
  • To nominate UWW official doctors to monitor/oversee the medical organization of official competitions and to ensure the smooth application of the Medical Regulations during those competitions.
  • To publish all the latest innovations regarding medicine and athletes’ health for UWW physicians and National Federations.
  • To draft straightforward information on medicine and health in sport for the National Federations.
  • To draft medical advices upon request of the UWW Bureau.
  • To take part in all UWW projects in which the medical aspect/issue and health protection are at stake.
  • To take part in international conferences on sports medicine.

Medical Regulations


Competition Forms






Injury Reporting System


Policies & Guidelines