Medical, Prevention & Anti-Doping Commission

Task & Duties

Members of the Medical & Anti-doping Commission have the responsibility:

  • To define and implement the general strategy to protect the wrestlers’ health.
  • To define and implement the UWW anti-doping program (testing and education).
  • To prepare publications on accident prevention through different media (books, multimedia, mobile apps, etc.).
  • To nominate UWW official doctors to monitor/oversee the medical organization of official competitions and to ensure the smooth application of the Medical Regulations during those competitions.
  • To publish all the latest innovations regarding medicine and athletes’ health for UWW physicians and National Federations.
  • To draft straightforward information on medicine and health in sport for the National Federations.
  • To draft medical advices upon request of the UWW Bureau.
  • To take part in all UWW projects in which the medical aspect/issue and health protection are at stake.
  • To take part in international conferences on sports medicine.


Medical Regulations



UWW Medical Network of wrestling doctors


Injury Reporting System



Policies & Guidelines