Refereeing Commission

Antonio SILVESTRI Germany President
Kamel BOUAZIZ Tunisia Vice-President
Noravard ARUSTAMYAN Russia Member
Stanislav SERNEK Slovenia Member
Tsong-Rong JANG Chinese Taipei Member
Halil Ibrahim CICIOGLU Turkiye Member
Casey GOESSL United States Member
Koike Kuninori Japan Member
Sherif Halawa Egypt Member
Carlos Garcia Santisteban Spain Member
Ferenc Gyarmati Romania Member
Gary Bird Canada Member
Mohammad Mosalaeipour Iran Member
Rui Manuel Marta Portugal Member
Vito Paolillo Italy Member

Tasks and Duties

  • To gather information on referees and to provide it to  United World Wrestling to update its Database.
  • To propose to the United World Wrestling Bureau the referees categories on the basis of the courses reports and their personal motivation.
  • To propose improvements to the Wrestling Rules.
  • To implement a life-long educational system for the referees.
  • To put forward the Instructors to be appointed to the clinics.
  • To propose a new training system for candidate referees.
  • To propose a training system for instructors.
  • To propose the referees selected to work during the junior and senior World Championships, the senior Continental Championships and Olympic Games.
  • To prepare the programmes and examination forms for referees.
  • To organize the annual referees’ courses.