Refereeing Commission

Antonio SILVESTRI Germany President
Kamel BOUAZIZ Tunisia Vice-President
Noravard ARUSTAMYAN Russia Member
Stanislav SERNEK Slovenia Member
Tsong-Rong JANG Chinese Taipei Member
Halil Ibrahim CICIOGLU Turkey Member
Casey GOESSL United States Member

Tasks and Duties

  • To gather information on referees and to provide it to  United World Wrestling to update its Database.
  • To propose to the United World Wrestling Bureau the referees categories on the basis of the courses reports and their personal motivation.
  • To propose improvements to the Wrestling Rules.
  • To implement a life-long educational system for the referees.
  • To put forward the Instructors to be appointed to the clinics.
  • To propose a new training system for candidate referees.
  • To propose a training system for instructors.
  • To propose the referees selected to work during the junior and senior World Championships, the senior Continental Championships and Olympic Games.
  • To prepare the programmes and examination forms for referees.
  • To organize the annual referees’ courses.