Legal & Ethics Commission

Belcho Goranov Bulgaria President
Clive Owen Llewellyn Canada Member
Rouzbeh Vosough Ahmadi Iran Member
Daniel Wozniak, Dr. iur. Germany Member
Carla Morais Portugal Member
Osamu Shimizu Japan Member
Bruce BAUMGARTNER United States Member
Milica Vukasinovic-Vesic, MD Serbia Member
Marcelo Franklin Brazil Co-opted Member

Tasks and Duties

  • To compose the UWW Disciplinary Chamber and the Ethics Commission and conduct its work independently. 
  • To carry out investigations and initiate proceedings for disciplinary, regulatory, doping or ethical breaches by any Member of United World Wrestling.
  • To oversee to the implementation of the Code of Ethics and relevant sanctions.
  • To impose sanctions against Members of National Federations for breaches to United World Wrestling's Constitution, Regulations and Code of Ethics.
  • To carry out investigations and prepare the files for the United World Wrestling Bureau in the event of an appeal against disciplinary sanctions.
  • To support the National Federations in disputes which might occur in their respective countries in disciplinary, legal, or criminal matters with their national authorities.
  • To prepare a list of national lawyers currently working with National Federations and who could lend assistance to  United World Wrestling.
  • To publish a Code of Ethics for the Bureau members, coaches, referees and wrestlers in collaboration with the Directors of the Departments concerned.
  • To act, upon request by the Secretary General, as a nomination commission to ensure eligibility criteria for candidates for elections are respected.
  • Members of the Legal & Ethics Commission may be called by the Executive Committee to act as internal auditors or for any other mission that warrants legal expertise.