Kazakh Kuresi

Rules: Kazakh Kuresi Rules & Regulations
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Email: UWW Associated Styles Office: aso@uww.org
              Belt Wrestling Committee: beltwrestling@uww.org

Kazakh Kuresi is the traditional wrestling style of Kazakhstan and one of the oldest sports of Kazakhstan and Asia. Wrestlers, known as ‘Baulans’, dress in special uniforms with blue or red stripes and corresponding belts. The goal of Kazakh Kuresi is to throw the opponent to the ground and have his or her shoulders touch it. Kuresi is practiced nationally and internationally by both men and women from 14-15 years of age up to the veteran class. 

The competition is held on the standard United World Wrestling mats of 12х12 meters. Wrestlers stand during the bout and can grab their opponent anywhere above the belt. It is forbidden to grab the feet of the opponents or lie on the ground. Wrestlers are allowed to use different kinds of techniques such as grabbing clothing or belts, seizing arms or torso, sweeps, hooks, shoves, or throwing across the back, hip or chest.

Weight Categories:

  • Seniors & Juniors Men: 60kg, 70кg, 80кg, 90кg, +90kg

  • Cadets (16-17 years) Men: 46kg, 51kg, 57kg, 64kg, 72kg, 81kg, +81kg

  • Schoolboys (14-15 years) Men: 38kg, 42kg, 46kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 66kg, 73kg, +73kg

  • Seniors & Juniors Women: 48kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 70kg, 78kg, +78kg

  • Cadets (16-17 years) Women: 36kg, 40kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 70kg, +70kg

  • Schoolboys (14-15 years) Women: 33kg, 36kg, 40kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, +63kg

Duration of the bout:

  • Seniors & Juniors: One period of 5 minutes for Men / One period of 4 minutes for Women
  • Cadets: One period of 5 minutes for Men / One period of 3 minutes for Women
  • Schoolboys: One period of 5 minutes for Men / One period of 2 minutes for Women

The bout ends: 

  • by "TAZA"
  • by injury
  • by 4 cautions given to the opponent during a bout
  • following a forfeit
  • by disqualification
  • by points (winning by 1 “BUK” more at minimum)