Overview of the Department's structure and programs

Maximize Our Impact on Global Wrestling Development

The main objective of United World Wrestling Development is to grow and promote wrestling worldwide. Together with the UWW Technical Assistance & Development Commission, the organization has dedicated its efforts to establishing closer geographical ties with its member associations. 
In pursuit of this objective, United World Wrestling Development has systematically erected foundations for future progress. This has been accomplished through the implementation of enhanced governance structures and the cultivation of skilled professionals and efficient operational systems within these structures. These initiatives serve as integral building blocks for the sustained growth and promotion of wrestling on a global scale.

UWW Technical Assistance & Development Commission

The commission plays a crucial role in advancing the sport at various levels, meets annually to review UWW development strategy and plan, through these programs, at providing assistance to National Federations in good legal and financial standing.
The UWW Technical Assistance & Development Commission comprises the following members:

  • President
  • Secretary General
  • Continental Council Presidents

Click here for more information on the mandate of the commission.

UWW Development Department 

The core mission of the UWW Development Department is to grow wrestling worldwide by providing a framework for increased participation, enhanced promotion, and global competitive success in the sport. 
Through key working relationships with the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity, OlympAfrica and other organizations and institutions, the department channels its efforts through a range of comprehensive programs and projects on a global scale, targeting the following key areas:

  • National Federation support
  • Education programs (athletes, coaches, referees, and administrators)
  • Wrestling high-performance & training 
  • Technical assistance & financial subsidy 
  • Participation and youth development 
  • Social inclusion
  • Safe sport

The UWW Development Department is also the main workforce in developing and managing the UWW Academy (https://academy.uww.org/) together with the UWW IT department.

Staff Directory

Led by Mrs Deqa Niamkey, UWW Development Director, the development team comprises 7 development staff, consultant coaches, and mission-based world-renowned experts.

Deqa, NIAMKEY, UWW Development Director
Email: Deqa.Niamkey@uww.org
UWW headquarters, Corsier-sur-Vevey Switzerland
Lei Liang

Lei LIANG, UWW Development Manager

Email: Lei.Liang@uww.org

UWW headquarters, Corsier-sur-Vevey Switzerland

Vincent Aka
Vincent AKA, UWW Development Officer
Email: Vincent.Aka@uww.org  
Based in Ivory Coast
Yuri Maier


Yuri MAIER, UWW Sports and Development Officer

Email: Yuri.Maier@uww.org

Based in Argentina

Zach Errett


Zach ERRETT, UWW Education Manager

Email: Zach.Errett@uww.org

Based in the U.S.A.


Olzhas Beisembayev, UWW Sport & Development Officer Asia

Email: olzhas.beisembayev@uww.org

Based in Kazakhstan

Carissa H

Carissa Holland Fuller, UWW Development Officer Oceania

Email: carissa.holland@uww.org

Based in Australia 


UWW Development Department Consultant Coaches

Consultant coaches reside at the UWW High Performance Training Centers, and work on a daily basis with the athletes training in the center . 

All listed educators are endorsed by their respective National Federations, Continental Councils, and the Coaches and Refereeing Commissions, and have successfully passed the UWW Educator Courses. They are the main workforce that helps deliver the UWW educational and training courses for coaches and referees.