Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance grants to national federations

Working together with National Wrestling Federations to develop the sport of wrestling and promote its values worldwide constitute the fundamental principle of United World Wrestling's mission. The UWW Development Department works closely with continental councils, the IOC, other stakeholders and commercial partners to provide technical assistance and financial support to member federations through a series of tailor-made programmes and particularly to those in greatest need.

Requests for Technical Assistance must be submitted by national federations and no individual request without a national federation's endorsement will be accepted. Each application will be carefully considered on its merits.

In general, to be considered for this support, a national federation must:

  • be affiliated with United World Wrestling
  • have no outstanding debts and/or overdue fines
  • have active athletes with valid UWW licences in Athena

United World Wrestling Technical Assistance & Development Commission

Lists of Recipients of the United World Wrestling Technical Assistance for Competitions: