Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Grants to National Federations

Collaborating closely with National Wrestling Federations to foster the growth of wrestling and champion its values globally stand at the core of United World Wrestling's mission. The UWW Development Department plays a pivotal role in collaborating with continental councils, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), diverse stakeholders, and commercial partners. This collaborative effort is dedicated to providing technical assistance and financial support to member federations. Priority is given to those encountering substantial challenges and lacking technical experience, ensuring that support is directed where it is most needed. This strategic approach underscores the commitment to fostering the development of wrestling globally by addressing specific needs and challenges faced by member federations.

The Technical Assistance program encompasses a range of support areas, generally including:

  • Financial Support for Championship Attendance: Aid in covering expenses for participation in UWW continental and world championships.
  • Coaching and Competition-Related Assistance: Support in facilitating coaching services and related assistance in the lead-up to and during competitions.
  • Provision of Wrestling Equipment: Provision of essential wrestling gear such as wrestling mats, training equipment, and specialized sports attire.
  • Participation in UWW Bi-annual Congress: Technical assistance extends to supporting participation in the UWW bi-annual congress, subject to the conditions outlined in the Congress Procedure Rules.

This comprehensive spectrum of assistance underscores United World Wrestling's commitment to addressing the multifaceted needs of member federations. By offering financial aid, coaching support, necessary equipment, and access to key events like the UWW bi-annual congress, the Technical Assistance program aims to bolster the capabilities of national federations and enhance the overall development of the sport of wrestling on a global scale.

The UWW Development Department operates on the principle that requests for Technical Assistance must be formally endorsed by national federations. Individual requests lacking the endorsement of a national federation will not be considered. Each application undergoes a meticulous evaluation process, with decisions based on the specific merits of the proposal.

In order to be eligible for this support, a national federation must meet the following criteria:

  • be affiliated with United World Wrestling
  • have no outstanding debts and/or overdue fines
  • have active athletes with valid UWW licenses in Athena

These criteria serve as general guidelines, ensuring that support is directed towards federations committed to upholding the principles and standards set forth by United World Wrestling.

The Technical Assistance & Development Commission, under the auspices of United World Wrestling, oversees the implementation of these initiatives, further solidifying the organization's commitment to the sustained development and global promotion of the sport.

United World Wrestling Technical Assistance & Development Commission