Nenad Lalovic, a businessman from Belgrade, Serbia, is the seventh President of United World Wrestling (UWW), formerly known as Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées (FILA), the international federation of wrestling.

Nenad Lalovic was appointed to serve the remaining two-year term to fill the presidency after the resignation of FILA President Raphael Martinetti at a special Congress in Moscow on May 18, 2013. Elected for a full six-year term at the Congress in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Mr Lalovic is President of UWW since 2014. 

Mr Lalovic has a longstanding commitment to Wrestling. Nenad Lalovic was a key figure in Serbian sports after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.  After the war, his son Milos started to wrestle at a local club in which Mr Lalovic became involved before joining the national federation. He became President of the Serbian Wrestling Federation a year later and helped shape the new nation’s sports history. Indeed, during his presidency, he helped transform the organization into a professional federation with new offices and an organizational structure and it began organizing international competitions that laid the groundwork for building international recognition. The Junior European Championships in Greco Roman style were held in Subotica, Serbia, in 2002 and the Senior Championships were held in 2003 in Belgrade. Serbia won its first medals in the sport of Wrestling in both competitions.

At the FILA Congress in 2004, Nenad Lalovic is appointed to the Bureau of the European Council of Associated Wrestling (CELA), currently named UWW European Council. He was also a member of the FILA Legal and Ethics Department and a member of the Bureau of the Olympic Committee of Serbia.

In 2006 at the world championships in Guangzhou, China, he was elected to the FILA Bureau.  In 2012 in London, he was re-elected to the Bureau in the first round.

The 60-year old Lalovic joined the FILA Bureau in 2006 and was re-elected in 2012. He’s the former president of the Serbian Wrestling Federation and served on the Bureaus of CELA, the European Wrestling Federation, and the Serbian Olympic Committee.

In 2015, Mr Lalovic became Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is part of the Olympic Solidarity Committee. The same year, he became a member of the Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In 2018, he is elected as a Member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federation (ASOIF) and in February the same year, is also elected as the ASOIF representative to the IOC Executive Board.

He is graduated from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Mechanical Engineering Degree.

He earns an Honorary Doctor’s degree from Tashkent University (Uzbekistan) and Honorary Doctor’s degree from Sofia University (Bulgaria). In 2019, he receives the title of Honorary Professor from the University of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Nenad Lalovic is married to Aleksandra. They have two children: Milos and Nina.

He is fluent in English, French, Russian and Serbian is his mother tongue.


International Wrestling Federation Presidents

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Nenad Lalovic, Serbia, 2013-