Message from the Chair of United World Wrestling Athletes Commission 


Dear Athletes,

I extend a warm welcome on behalf of the Athletes Commission. Representing you and being your voice at United World Wrestling and other international organizations is both an honour and a responsibility that I take seriously.

Our collaboration with the UWW Development is an important step forward, ensuring the continued progress and success of our beloved sport. I am confident that this partnership will contribute positively to wrestling globally.

As Chair of the Athletes Commission, I am pleased to acknowledge the various training opportunities and funding programs provided by United World Wrestling Development. These initiatives have proven to be beneficial in fostering growth and excellence within our athletic community. The commitment to supporting athletes through funding programs reflects UWW's dedication to our collective success.

Furthermore, I appreciate UWW's efforts in raising awareness about safe sport. Creating an environment where every athlete feels secure and empowered is crucial, and UWW's endeavors in this regard are commendable.

Let us collectively embrace these opportunities and programs, ensuring that wrestling continues to thrive as a sport of integrity, inclusivity, and excellence.

I extend my best wishes to each of you for many memorable victories and achievements in your wrestling journey.

Sincerely yours, 
Arsen Julfalakayan
Chair of the UWW Athletes Commission

Mandate and Current UWW Athlete Commission Members

Direct Athlete Support

Athletes are the heart and soul of the sport of wrestling. United World Wrestling thrives to provide support to athletes to help them focus on their current goals and allow them to perform at their maximum potential.

The current athlete performance and support programs covers a wide range of areas and are available for elite active athletes:

All applications submitted must be endorsed by respective national federations and sent via the official federation email account. 


UWW Athletes Commission Meetings

Placing the athletes at the heart of the development of wrestling and strengthening the support provided to them, the UWW Athletes' Commission and the UWW Development Department act as a link between the athletes and the International Federation.

Video conferences and online discussion forums are held on a regular basis to collect resources containing key information which help enhance the communication and facilitate the design of the best suitable supporting programs for our athletes.

UWW Athletes' Commission Video Conference I, 18th May 2020


UWW Athletes' Commission Video Conference II, 1st July 2020 


UWW Athletes Commission Video Conference II