Technical Assistance & Development Commission

Nenad LALOVIC Serbia President
Carlos ROY Spain Secretary General
Antonio I. AQUINO Guam Oceania Council
Karl-Martin DITTMANN Germany European Council
Francisco Eduardo LEE LOPEZ Guatemala Pan-American Council
Fouad MESKOUT Morocco African Council
Daulet TURLYKHANOV Kazakhstan Asian Council

The Commission is responsible for allocating the development funds to NFs in good standing with UWW. 
NFs strategic plan must include and adopt the following:

  • Adoption of UWW strategic plan and constitution
  • Completed the UWW NFs survey
  • Application and submission documentation and execution plan
  • Existing of NF constitution and rules including:
    Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion
    Adopts the UWW Sustainable Charter
    Anti-doping, match fixing, safety and harassment regulations
    Sport for All

The commission is also responsible for monitoring and assessing their continental NFs and collaborate with various institutions such; UN, NOCs, IOC, ISF, FISU, ASOIF, etc.

Tasks and Duties

  • To put in place a development programme in line with the UWW strategy 2022-2026.
  • To manage, assess and approve the NFs development fund allocation,
  • To support the promotion of wrestling on their continent and assist the Development Department in all areas of activity.
  • To assist in the NFs at grassroot level to enhance and develop wrestling.
  • To examine with the mat manufacturers the possibility of producing inflatable mats or mat covers at lower cost, so that the countries can use local material (straw, sand, sawdust, etc.) and have a regulatory wrestling competition surface.
  • To distribute shoes and singlets to developing countries.
  • To draw up collaboration agreements with bodies which have available financial means for sports (French Co-operation, Commonwealth, UN, European Union, etc.) in order to make the technical assistance effective.
  • To settle technical assistance issues to facilitate the participation of developing countries in competitions.
  • To collaborate and promote the Olympic Solidarity and IOC programmes to NFs and continental members.
  • To evaluate, assess and monitor the development programmes in collaboration with the UWW Departments, UWW Commissions related to the technical assistance and development of wrestling worldwide. 

Appoint experts and service providers for the realization of the projects and deliverables.
UWW Technical Assistance and Development Commission is committed to supporting, implementing and fostering the UWW sustainable chart.