World Pankration Committee

Alexey SAVCHUK Belarus President
Konstantin V. KLIMOV Russia Member
Ron HILL United States Member
Anastasia TUKMACHOVA Ukraine Member
Italo Morello Italy Member
Amatto ZAHARIA Romania Member
Pavel Pokatilov Moldova Member
Evangelos Koutras Greece Member
Edmar Abdoulaev Netherlands Member



Tasks and Duties

  • World Pankration Committee the main body that develops Pankration in the world and ensures compliance with the United World Wrestling constitution and requirements.
  • To make the contribution to the promotion as large as possible to the Pankration practice around the World.
  • To set the competition annual calendar.
  • Create the competition Rules.
  • To realize the necessary and useful contacts between the Pankration federations around the World.
  • To coordinate Pankration development, to establish meetings and exchanges.
  • To draw up the agenda of the international Pankration conference that will be held every year.