Marketing & Sponsoring Commission

Pedro Gama Filho
Pedro GAMA FILHO Brazil President
Ali Eftekhari Iran Member
Jean-Carl Fossati France Member
Lajos Virág Hungary Member
Morten Sandnæs Norway Member
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Şahin Turkiye Member
Michael Faller Germany Member
Morgan Rabine United States Member
Sahif Mustapha Morocco Member
Yury Federov Russia Member

Tasks and Duties

  • To provide to  United World Wrestling a list of press journalists and World News Agencies interested in wrestling.
  • To prepare information and results in view of each important event in order to inform the journalists.
  • To set up the same structure for the photographers.
  • To build a photo file for each Championship on the  United World Wrestling website and to place it at the disposal of photographers.
  • To organize a press conference at the time of each Championship to inform on  United World Wrestling's activities.
  • To set up the  Press Centre with the Organizing Committee and to see to its smooth running.
  • To organize the annual contest for the best photographer and the best journalist in the sport of wrestling.
  • To examine with AIPS the possibility to create a "wrestling" press accreditation.
  • To contact the various television companies and to participate in the preparation of television contracts.
  • To contact television channels to offer the broadcasting of the  United World Wrestling competitions which are not already included in a television contract.
  • To establish a list of national television companies managers and maintain permanent contact with them to encourage television broadcasting in their respective countries.
  • To set up a special structure for African and Latin American countries in view of being able to offer a free of charge broadcast of the wrestling competitions in their area.
  • To produce movies and videos to be broadcasted on television for the promotion of wrestling (in collaboration with the Master Degrees and Promotions Department). 
  • To seek sponsors for the  United World Wrestling advertising spaces (mats, referees, podiums, etc.) for World and Continental Championships.
  • To contact marketing agencies on all continents and study with them the possibilities to find sponsors for  United World Wrestling or to prospect in the various marketing schools for the hiring of a person in charge of a whole continent for all  United World Wrestling controlled competitions.
  • To check the compliance of marketing directors with the stipulations in the contracts at the various competitions.
  • To contact and invite the sponsors to the various competitions and to arrange a space specially reserved for them in the sport hall.
  • To control the installation of the stands allotted to the various sponsors on the occasion of competitions.
  • To seek sponsors for the various  United World Wrestling publications.
  • To propose and undertake all marketing actions which can bring revenues to  United World Wrestling.
  • To prepare and publish the  United World Wrestling review twice a year.
  • To study the set up of a virtual shop for the sale of  United World Wrestling by-products with on-line payment.