UWW Technical Courses for Coaches

Message from the Chair of United World Wrestling Coaches Commission                                   

Dear National Federations,

Dear Coaches of the United World Wrestling Family,

It is my pleasure to share with the UWW Coaches Course Level 1 Techniques document for future coaches around the world from wrestling developing nations. This document aims to provide you the fundamentals skills, techniques and knowledge to teach wrestling to your athletes and familiarise with the basic standards of wrestling coaching education.

The content of this document is thought by UWW educators and international experts worldwide. Each National Federation, has the liberty to develop additional tools and educational content to pursue the development of coaching education.

I believe this document of a long series that will follow, will provide to all UWW national federations the education tools to the development and enhancement of coaching education around the world.

Should you require and further information and desire to apply for the course, please contact Ms. Deqa Niamkey from UWW Development at [email protected]

Thank you for your attention.
Sincerely yours,

Hideaki Tomiyama



UWW Technical Courses for Coaches

- Introduction & Outline -

Introduction: The goal is to help National Federations further the development of wrestling within their country. While wrestling has many different areas of focus, one of the most important is the role of the coach. Coaches directly work with athletes and their job can have a profound impact. A coach’s role is to help make the best of an athlete's potential and to make them successful both on and off the mat. As a result, the Development team has created coaching courses to better help prepare coaches. These courses are not a part of a UWW coaching licensing program. Only a certificate of completion will be issued to coaches that successfully complete the course.

Goal: To equip coaches with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve their competency as coaches. This will be done through courses that provide interactive learning. All courses will be coach-centered and coaches will first practice their skills and then be directed to discuss, share, evaluate and reflect upon their experience.

Courses overview: Two coaching courses have been developed and are currently being delivered. The Level 1 Course focuses mainly on “How” to coach. The Level 2 Course focuses mainly on skill, mental and program development. Each course offers additional content as listed in the summary below. It is highly recommended to take the two courses in order. However, depending on the participants' level and experience, this is not compulsory; you may see the list of prerequisites for each course. 

Level 1 Course Summary – “How” to Coach

Main Topic:  Best coaching practices during a training session

Additional Topics:  

  • Risk Assessment – safety during training
  • Teaching Games for Understanding
  • Communication Skills
  • Providing feedback and reinforcement
  • Questioning skills
  • Micro-teaching wrestling fundamentals
  • Introduction to Key Learning Points
  • How to introduce technical skills – Approach
  • Self-reflection on individual coaching
  • Ideal Coach Model
  • Skills progression approach
  • Dealing with young people
  • Dealing with parents

Length of Course:  5 days – 8 hours of instruction per day

Evaluation: Educators and participants will give feedback during each of the sessions. A practical evaluation of the course content will be carried out and completed mainly through micro-teaching sessions. The participant must demonstrate three skills:  explaining techniques using key learning points, demonstration, and safety. The additional skills assessed will be skill progression, positioning, detecting mistakes, positive feedback, questioning, time management and self-reflection. The course will also contain a written exam that will include multiple-choice, matching and true/false questions.

Educator to Participant Ratio: It is recommended to have 1 educator for 15 participants.

More information regarding Level 1 Coaching Course can be found following the links below. Click here to see the currently scheduled courses.


Level 2 Course Summary – Skill, Mental and Program Development

Main Topic:  Development of Practice Sessions during a Training Cycle

Additional Topics:

  • Video Analysis of bout
  • Using video analysis to determine areas of improvement for the wrestler
  • Training sessions on 7 basic techniques
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Developing proper mindset for athlete
  • Wrestler's safety, prevention of injuries and first aid
  • Planning a 1-week training camp
  • Starting a wrestling club and developing a mission statement

Length of Course:  5 days – 8 hours of instruction per day

Evaluation: Participants will actively demonstrate their skills through 8 micro-teaching sessions. Four of the sessions will teach one of the 7 basic skills of wrestling. The other four sessions will demonstrate the organization of practice in one of the four main areas of a training cycle. The participants will also be evaluated on strength-and-training sessions, 1-week training plan, video analysis, life skills presentation and vision statement. In addition, a written exam will take place at the end of the course, focusing on areas that were not covered during the practical evaluations.


    Organization of the Technical Courses for Coaches

    Technical Courses for Coaches in Wrestling can be organized upon request by a National Federation or financially supported by Olympic Solidarity via our National Olympic Committee.

    Please refer to Olympic Solidarity's Technical Course for Coaches for more information on how to access this fund or contact the Regional Development Officer of your continent for more information.