Olympic Solidarity

Olympic Solidarity is funded by the International Olympic Committee.

For the 2021-2024 period, Olympic Solidarity (OS) World Programmes cover the main areas of sports development : athletes, coaches, administrators, promotion of Olympic values and knowledge-sharing.

Two new programmes have been added on the list : Athlete Career Transition and Refugee Athlete Support, as well as a new unit dedicated to Forums and Special Projects.

Olympic Solidary Guide for UWW Affiliated Members 

Presenting this guide, we wish to inform you in detail the content of the programmes dedicated to the athletes, coaches’ and entourage so that you may benefit of these funds through your National Olympic Committee. 
The main change for this new quadrennial is for the differentiation of small and big National Olympic Committees. The NOC’s that attended the last Olympic Games, Tokyo 2021 with over 50 athletes are considered big NOC. The smaller NOC are those with less than 50 athletes and therefore, the programmes are adapted.

Tokyo 68kg WW podium

The followings are of particular interest to National Federations:

    Sport Development


    Olympic Games Universality

    Applications to the Olympic Solidarity World Programmes are made through your National Olympic Committee. We encourage national federations to apply via your NOCs. Subject to change at the discretion of IOC.

    Contact development@uww.org for more information.