National Federation Funding Programs


Facilitating the National Federation (NF) in formulating a medium to long-term plan tailored to specific national and regional requirements, the emphasis is placed within the overarching framework of shared UWW values. 
The focus is directed toward the following strategic areas:

• Gender Equality and Diversity Programs
Fostering the growth of women's wrestling by implementing targeted initiatives and programs.

• School and Youth Development Programs
Increasing youth engagement in grassroots Initiatives and school programs to ensure a sustainable wrestling community.

• High-Performance Coaching Programs
Enhancing technical development in wrestling at the elite level across all genders, styles, and age groups.

• Leadership, Governance and Administrative Excellence: Professional Exchange Programs for National Federation
Enhancing the governance, administrative level and foundational structure, including related wrestling systems, to establish a robust framework for the comprehensive development of wrestling at all levels.

• Scholarship programs for athletes, coaches, and referees 
Offering scholarships to support talented individuals in their pursuit of excellence and advancement in the sport of wrestling.

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In a broad context, all UWW-affiliated National Federations are eligible to apply. Priority consideration will be given to smaller wrestling nations and/or economically disadvantaged countries.
To avail of this support, the National Federation must:

  • Be affiliated with United World Wrestling.
  • Have no significant outstanding debt.
  • Have athletes with valid licenses in Athena (active).
  • Have participated in Continental and/or World Championships in the preceding year.

As a general guideline, UWW aims to endorse one project per Olympic cycle per National Federation. However, this allocation may vary based on the specific needs and development status of a given National Federation.

The core objective of the UWW National Federation Funding Programs is to support the progress of affiliated national federations towards achieving self-sustainability. The goal is to foster the growth of wrestling, leaving a lasting impact that these federations can independently pursue beyond the conclusion of this grant.

Application for the 2024 National Federation Funding Programs

Kindly review the guidelines outlining the application process for the UWW National Federation Grant. The deadline for the submission of your application is the 31st of March 2024. Please ensure that you adhere to the specified guidelines during the application process.