Referee Education

Referee Education Pathway

Wresting rules must be interpreted and applied with absolute consistency wherever and whenever the competition is taking place. United World Wrestling therefore developed a training and education system for our referees to ensure that refereeing standards continue to improve and the rules of the game are applied.

The newly improved Referee Education Pathway provides a clear career path for wrestling referees to advance their levels internationally. Centred on building practical skills and improve referee performance, this new system allows wrestling referee education in compliance with the international education standards and ensure the quality consistency across the globe.

Pathway at A Glance

United World Wrestling awards four levels of licenses for refereeing internationally in wrestling competitions.

The new referee education pathway comprises the following:

·       ‘Introduction to Refereeing’ module aimed at national level referees and coaches (ca be included in the Olympic Solidarity Technical Course for Coaches)

·       Four (4) levels of international referee certification courses

·       One (1) annual global course for the top-level (1S) referees

Competency-based theoretical examinations and practical evaluations are applied to assess each of the referees attending the course holding or wishing to obtain a valid UWW license for refereeing internationally. Specific training and experience requirements must be met.

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Referee Scholarships


UWW Referee Scholarship Programme

The United World Wrestling's Development Department has renewed the UWW Referee Scholarship Programme for 2020.
The scholarship will cover your referees' local costs (on a full-board basis) and flight tickets so they may attend a sufficient number of competitions and avoid the risk to be downgraded due to the financial difficulties encountered by many national federations. 
The offer will not cover the following:

  • Visa fees
  • Personal expenses

Rules and conditions:

  • The scholarship programme is available only for NFs of developing countries with limited financial resources;
  • The categories of candidates should be II, I or IS;
  • The number of competitions per candidate you can apply for is 2;
  • The maximum number of candidatures that UWW can submit for the scholarship is 10 (2 competitions) or 15 (1 competition);
  • The list of approved candidates will be established according to the balance between male and female (50/50) in addition to the above-mentioned points.

In order to confirm your participation, you must complete the enclosed UWW Referees Scholarship Programme Application Form and return it to me as soon as possible, but no later than the 15 January 2020. Please be aware that due to a long waiting list, we will not be able to extend this offer after the aforementioned deadline. 
We remind that only National Federations can submit the applications for approval. The decision on the applications will be made by Refereeing Commission of UWW no later than 30 January 2020.