Sport and Active Society

Funding for Grassroots Level Wrestling Projects

United World Wrestling supports Grassroot Level Wrestling Development Programmes around the world.

This programme aims at UWW National Federations to develop wrestling at all levels that best fit their own realities, either to increase the participation of the sport and/or to improve overall level of the national development strategy which contributes to enhancing the competition performance and provide inclusiveness to UWW affiliated national federations. 

This approach is also aimed to promote sustainable development by helping smaller NFs with great potential to develop their national structure through a specific or general programme. After completion of an internal SWOT analysis, NFs can benefit from this programme to grow wrestling at a national level which will contribute to their participation at the various wrestling stages “national, regional, continental and ultimately, international”.

Beneficiaries UWW affiliated National Wrestling Federations Required profile:

  • National Federation is affiliated to United World Wrestling
  • National Federation has no substantial debt
  • National Federation completed a SWOT analysis
  • NF must have a strategic plan and applied for an Olympic Solidarity Programme prior or in process

Details about this programmes:

Each completed candidacy will be thoroughly evaluated according to its qualities. Once launched, UWW will closely monitor the development of the project. 


Regional Educational Development Programme for 2022, 2023 and 2024

This programme aims to further develop and grow wrestling in regions with the  greatest needs of education while providing a smaller scale competition to improve the overall technical level.

Olympic Solidarity endorses the programme as it aims at grassroot development in collaboration with the potential/future hosting National Federation and National Olympic Committee.

With the hope that the pandemic will not impact the future editions, we hope to organise as many editions as possible as of 2022 until December 2024.

Details about this programme:


Sport for All 

United World Wrestling is committed to promote the sport of wrestling at all levels in every country, so that everyone who wants to practice wrestling can do so without any barrier.

United World Wrestling Sports for All Commission

Social Inclusion Programs and Refugee Projects


United Nations

United World Wrestling works closely with United Nations agencies, and intensively develops the contribution of wrestling to social development and peace.

In 2018, United World Wrestling has collaborated with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and supported the yearlong campaign in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

United World Wrestling has also signed the Sport Coalition Pledge initiated by the UN Refugee Agency and IOC, and welcomed refugee athletes to compete at the highest international level.

United World Wrestling and Partners Hosted “Wrestling 4 All Open Day” in South Africa



United World Wrestling collaborates with the Olympafrica Foundation, that provides after-school wrestling training sessions.