Legacy and Participation Programs

Legacy and Participation Programs

Wrestling Legacy and Participation Programs embody the essence of fostering enduring positive impacts and widespread engagement within the realm of wrestling. 

Endorsed by the Sport for All Commission and collaborating with various stakeholders, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and International School Federations, among others, UWW is dedicated to championing and spearheading programs and projects aimed at fostering the inclusive development of wrestling. The commitment is to ensure that wrestling becomes a sport accessible to everyone, emphasizing the importance of broad participation and diversity within the wrestling community.

Legacy in Wrestling:
These programs are committed to leaving a lasting mark on communities, transcending the boundaries of the mat. Whether it's through upgraded wrestling facilities, a thriving wrestling culture, or enhanced community well-being, the legacy of wrestling initiatives seeks to enrich lives long after the final match has concluded.

Participation in Wrestling:
At the heart of these programs is a dedication to encouraging participation in wrestling. Inclusivity is a cornerstone, breaking down barriers to entry and inspiring individuals of all ages and backgrounds to embrace the sport. From organized leagues to community wrestling events, the focus is on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through the powerful medium of wrestling.

Key Objectives:

  • Sustainability: Wrestling Legacy and Participation Programs strive for sustained positive change, ensuring that the benefits of wrestling extend far beyond individual matches or events.
  • Inclusivity: By welcoming diverse participants, these programs aim to make wrestling accessible to everyone, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.
  • Community Enrichment: The legacy of wrestling is intertwined with community development, contributing to a sense of pride and unity among those touched by the sport.
  • Health and Wellness: Participation programs in wrestling are geared towards promoting physical activity, addressing sedentary lifestyles, and championing the overall health and well-being of participants.

In the spirit of the wrestling legacy, these programs champion not only the sport itself but also the transformative power it holds to shape communities, and inspire individuals to step onto the mat and embrace the timeless traditions of wrestling.

United World Wrestling Sports for All Commission

Social Inclusion Programs and Refugee Projects

United Nations

United World Wrestling works closely with United Nations agencies, and intensively develops the contribution of wrestling to social development and peace.

In 2018, United World Wrestling has collaborated with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and supported the yearlong campaign in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

United World Wrestling has also signed the Sport Coalition Pledge initiated by the UN Refugee Agency and IOC, and welcomed refugee athletes to compete at the highest international level.

United World Wrestling and Partners Hosted “Wrestling 4 All Open Day” in South Africa


UWW and UNAOC Join Forces to Support #OneHumanity Campaign


United World Wrestling collaborates with the Olympafrica Foundation, that provides after-school wrestling training sessions.