Scholarships for Elite Female Athletes & Coaches

Scholarships for Elite Female Athletes

A new initiative to support women’s wrestling and improve performance and technical level of women’s wrestling, particularly among small wrestling nations and economically disadvantaged countries.

Type of scholarships are as follow:

  • Full scholarship

In partnership with the High-Performance Training Centers, athletes are provided with full scholarships to train in a group environment under the supervision of an assigned team of coaches and experts.

  • Partial scholarship

UWW covers the cost for attending the selected training camps and/or accomodation in the partner High Performance Training Centers, for a short period of time (1 - 3 months)

These are performance-based scholarships looking towards the Summer Olympic Games and only determined athletes with great passion about wrestling and endorsed by their national federation are accepted.

You may contact [email protected] for more details. 

Leadership Program for Elite Female Coaches

United World Wrestling is one of the IFs which have teamed up with the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity program to offer a 14-month programme for a limited number of high-performance coaches. The program is in direct support of Recommendation 6 of the IOC’s Gender Equality Review Project, which seeks to increase the share of female coaches at the Olympic Games.

The program will be managed by the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy at the University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain. 

The Women’s Sport Leadership Academy for High Performance Coaches (WSLA HPC) has been specially designed and developed in cooperation with United World Wrestling for high-performance coaches, with the aim of preparing coaches to step up and be part of the increased cohort of their peers at the Continental, International and Olympic Games.

5 female coaches were selected and will represent wrestling in the first edition of the programme in 2019-2020 .