High-Performance Programme

High-Performance Programme


To enhance wrestling technical development at elite level for all ages/genders/styles.
The UWW High Performance Development Programme aims at assisting National Federations in establishing a foundation for committed athletes in their pursuit of excellence and advancing wrestling at elite level worldwide. 

High performance


In general, all UWW affiliated National Federations can apply. Priority will be given to small wrestling nations and/or economically disadvantaged countries.
To benefit from this support, the National Federation must:

  • be affiliated with United World Wrestling
  • have no substantial debt
  • have athletes registered holding valid licenses in Athena
  • participated in Continental and/or World Championships in the previous year

Outline of the project

This UWW High-Performance programme provides direct financial subsidy that allows the National Federations to assess their own situations, and together with UWW assigned experts create tailor-made programs/plans centred on high performance training programmes to improve their elite athletes’ technical level and enhance their international competition performance.
Each application with complete dossier will be carefully assessed based on its merits. UWW will closely monitor the progress of each awarded program once it is activated.
UWW reserve the right to terminate the funding in the event that a National Federation fails to meet the requirements or unable to provide evidence of appropriate usage of this dedicated support.
The maximum amount of this High-Performance Programme per National Federation is CHF 10’000.

Timeline & financial arrangement 

This fund must be applied before 30th of April each year.
The financial arrangement shall be discussed on a case-by-case basis once the programme is approved. 

Conditions and requirements

To apply this funding, National Federations need to submit to UWW Development Department the following:

  • Detailed programme plan with clear goals
  • Detailed proposed budget
  • Appoint 1 national coordinator
  • National federation assessment
  • Additional documents may be requested on a case-by-case basis.

For the National Federations that awarded with this funding, the followings are requested:
Intermediate report/review

  • NF must submit the actual spending with proven evidence
  • End of the year/project report

The National Federations that successfully awarded the UWW High-Performance Programme must attend the UWW Continental & World Championships, and at least one Olympic qualification tournament within this Olympic cycle.
This High-Performance funding can only be granted once per National Federation per Olympic cycle.


Each year, a total amount of 50’000chf is allocated to this program. Upon approval, max. 10’000CHF is awarded to the applicant National Federation that best meet the criteria with the greatest needs.

Follow up and control

For the National Federations successfully awarded this Grassroots and School Development Fund, 

  • must meet the requirements mentioned above/agreed on
  • must meet the UWW financial regulations 
  • UWW may carry out visits to evaluate/assess the program/project

Contact UWW Development for details.