Therapeutic Use Exemptions

1. What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?

Athletes may have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications or undergo procedures. If the medication required by the athlete to treat his/her illness or condition happens to be in the WADA Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine or method.


2. How to apply for a TUE?

First, determine whether you are national or international level wrestler:

  1. If you hold a UWW license and compete or plan to compete in any of the international competition on the UWW calendar, then you are considered as an international level wrestler in accordance with UWW’s rules and you must apply for a TUE to UWW.
  2. If you compete only in national competitions in your country and do not have a UWW license, then you are considered as a national level wrestler and you must apply to your National Anti-doping Organization for a TUE.



3. Procedure to apply for a TUE to UWW (for athletes as in point 1 above and who do not already hold a TUE granted by their NADO) ?

1. Fill in the UWW TUE form:


2. Contact your physician or Sports Doctor to gather a complete medical file (please provide an English translation) 

3. Send all documents to [email protected] minimum 30 days before participating in a competition

Or: You may use ADAMS to submit your TUE application (please click here for further guidance)



4. United World Wrestling DOES NOT automatically recognize other organizations’ TUE

If you already hold a TUE granted by your NADO and you plan to participate in an international competition (= a competition on the UWW’s Official Calendar), you must apply for the recognition of your TUE to UWW. To do so, the following documents must be sent to the TUE Committee ([email protected]) at least 30 days before participating in a competition:

  1. The original TUE form
  2. The TUE granted by your NADO
  3. The complete medical file (please provide an English translation) 

In case your TUE has been submitted in ADAMS by your NADO and that all the above documents are already in the system, a simple request for recognition must be forwarded to the TUE Committee by email ([email protected]).


5. What is a retroactive TUE?

There are situations for which TUEs may be granted retroactively. The evaluation process is identical to the standard TUE application procedure, i.e. the UWW TUEC evaluates the application and issues its decision.

The International Standards for TUEs stipulate in article 4.3  which situations may result in the granting of a retroactive TUE.

A medical emergency or acute medical situation occurs when the wrestler’s medical condition justifies immediate Administration of a Prohibited Substance or Method and failure to treat immediately could significantly put the wrestler’s health at risk.

It is always preferable to address a TUE application prospectively rather than retrospectively.

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