Sustainability Policy and Guidelines

UWW believes staging of sport events directly impacts the quality of life of people living in the host communities. Sport events have potential to trigger a variety of short- or long-term, impact our society in both positive and negative ways.  Sustainability strategy is one of the central parts of the IOC Agenda 2020 Recommendations, which focuses on five key areas: Infrastructure and Natural Sites, Sourcing and Resource Management, Mobility, Workforce, Climate.  

UWW encourages its members to respect and promote the IOC Sustainability strategy, prioritizing Sourcing and Resource Management, Mobility, and Workforce in the management of daily activities and wrestling events.


UWW is committed to promoting practices within the sport of wrestling which are environmentally sustainable and setting new standards in sustainable sports event management.

Deliver sustainable events

The aim is to ensure that events are organized in sustainable behaviour and be geared toward delivering greener events. The sustainable check list can help National Federations and Organising Committees integrate sustainability in the planning and delivery of their event(s).

Checklist for Organizers of UWW sanctioned Events

This checklist may be used by Organizers to plan, manage and deliver the Event in a way which enhances environmental, social and economic opportunities and minimizes adverse impacts, as described in UWW's Event Preparation Guide (Section 10). 

The following UWW Event Manual also provides some guidance (Chapter 10) on the implementation of actions and awareness in the field of sustainibility.

United World Wrestling endorsed the IOC position paper on the European Climate Pact

United World Wrestling has joined the International Olympic Committee on a response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the European Climate Pact.

The objective of this initiative is to demonstrate that the sports community has already committed to address climate change through concrete actions, designed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and drive climate awareness and action among global citizens – and, in this way, has already actively contributed to the pursuit of the European Climate Pact goals.

UWW has put great effort to anchor sustainability and the fight against climate change in its operations.