UWW Sustainability Charter

United World Wrestling Sustainability Charter is a framework designed to promote sustainability practises, events, approaches to pursue wrestling development worldwide in line with the current world challenges and objectives to achieve for the betterment of our community and environment. It aims to encourage our organisation and affiliated national federations to contribute to a more sustainable environment based on a realistic and feasible approach.

The principles of UWW sustainable charter include, promoting sustainable practises through the sport of wrestling. From transportation, minimizing waste, conserving energy, preservation of water, promoting social and economic sustainability actions while contributing to the awareness of climate and environmental issues.

UWW adopts a sustainable charter and approach to guarantee the practise of wrestling for the future generations due to the evidence of climate change, economic crisis and geographic disparities that are a global challenge for the entire wrestling community worldwide.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), United World Wrestling is committed in pursuing its 2022-2026 strategy in the areas of:

  1. SDG 4: Quality Education – Sports and physical activity – access to wrestling at a grassroot and school programmes. Continued education for coaches, referees and administrators’ while working closely with all national federations and stakeholders.
  2. SDG 5: Gender Equality – UWW Gender Equality programmes part of the 2022-2026 strategy
  3. SDG 8: Sustainable approach and collaboration with all NFs and local organising committees on the reduction, reusage, and recycle approach.
  4. SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities: work with the local communities to raise awareness on all the above mentioned and beyond. Energy conservation and improving solutions.
  5. SDG 16: UWW is one united family and together we will work together for the betterment of our planet and wrestling family worldwide.


UWW joins UN Sport for Climate Action 2019

UWW joins the UN Sport for Climate Action and Framework on 19th March 2019 among many International Federations, National Olympic Committees, National Federations and many sporting entities around the globe. UWW Development Department works closely and is a member of the working group among various stakeholders from sporting world on advancing this important agenda.

The aim is to learn best practises from experts around the globe to further strengthen this important topic and implement good practises in favour of the wrestling community worldwide. UWW adopted various awareness education programmes and implemented various initiatives to purse the reinforcement and strengthening of climate awareness action initiatives

Delivering Sustainable events

The aim is to ensure that events are organized in a sustainable way and be geared toward delivering greener events. The sustainable check list can help National Federations and Organising Committees integrate sustainability in the planning and delivery of their event(s).

This checklist may be used by Organizers to plan, manage and deliver the Event in a way which enhances environmental, social and economic opportunities and minimizes adverse impacts, as described in UWW's Event Preparation Guide (Section 10).

The following UWW Event Manual also provides some guidance (Chapter 10) on the implementation of actions and awareness in the field of sustainibility.

Education and Awareness

United World Wrestling (UWW) understands that engaging youth and their entourage is fundamental to the long-term sustainability of wrestling development. UWW Development Department organises over 100 activities each year and the team is fully dedicated to promoting climate awareness at every occasion.

The programmes include training camps where dedicated educational sessions cover numerous topics including the importance of climate change. The series of camps target young athletes and their coaches/entourages using a holistic approach. Participants practise wrestling while receiving education on climate action with an emphasis on “participation, distinction and diversity”. In 2019, the UWW joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Sports for Climate Action Framework alongside the IOC.

As part of the activation, the UWW is now developing and implementing an even stronger educational aspect within the More than Medals programme to include UWW members. The aim of the programme is to:

  • Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • Reduce overall climate impact.
  • Offer education on climate action.
  • Promote sustainable and responsible consumption.
  • Advocate for climate action through communication.

Using sport to raise awareness, especially with younger generations, can help initiate environmental and social change. Each IF can take responsibility for its own actions and contribute to tackling global climate action. Implementing sustainability measures can help reduce costs but most of all change behaviours and mindsets.

CONTACT: Deqa Niamkey, UWW Development Director

United World Wrestling endorsed the IOC position paper on the European Climate Pact

United World Wrestling has joined the International Olympic Committee on a response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the European Climate Pact.

The objective of this initiative is to demonstrate that the sports community has already committed to address climate change through concrete actions, designed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and drive climate awareness and action among global citizens – and, in this way, has already actively contributed to the pursuit of the European Climate Pact goals.

UWW has put great effort to anchor sustainability and the fight against climate change in its operations.