Licenses for Referees

General information

UWW License is obligatory for all Referees who take part in a competition published in the UWW Calendar. The license is bought by our National Federations and is valid in all UWW styles. It can be purchased all through the year. It insures the Referees to UWW competitions under certain conditions, and enables our Federations to register them to our competitions via Athena.

New ! 2021 Referees licenses purchased from October to December 2021 will be validated for 2021 and 2022 !


In the event of an accident or illness during a trip to a competition abroad registered in the UWW calendar, our Referees are insured by IMSSA Insurance who guarantees the medical expenses abroad and in the country of residence after the returning from overseas. This applies only if the accident/illness occurred for the first time during the competition. On the return to the country of residence for the continuation of treatment, IMSSA will intervene on a subsidiary basis, that means that IMSSA may settle the medical expenses that are not paid by the licensee's local insurance. Licensees must therefore apply for a local insurance in their country of residence.

When a Referee participates in a UWW competition in his country of residence, IMSSA does not cover any expenses related to illness, but only accident expenses and on a subsidiary basis. See the full details of the risk insured by IMSSA under Governance / License / Insurance.


Each UWW Federation is fully accountable for all Referees in its country. Therefore, licenses are purchased by our Federations prior to competitions. Licenses are not sold on site, nor to individuals, but exclusively via our Athena platform 

Our Federations received their access to Athena from our IT Team. The Federation can log into its account : enter its username (which is the official UWW email address of the Federation) and password. In case of a lost password, the Federation should enter its username, and click on "Lost password", and the procedure will be sent immediately to its official email address.

For the purchase of a new Referee License (Candidat) there are two tasks to be completed on Athena : upload a valid passport copy (no ID card is accepted) and a photo. UWW will validate them within a few days, and you'll be able to purchase the license after that. For the renewal of a license, no further documents are required, and the Federation can directly buy the license of the chosen year. 

Payment can be made

  • by Credit card (+ 3% of bank expense)
  • by bank transfer : UWW will send an invoice to the Federation, and upon receipt of the payment, the license will be confirmed within 7 days. 

    For United World Wrestling bank details - also mentioned at the bottom of each invoice -  click here

    Price, Age, Categories & Validity

    • Price of the Referee license is 100 CHF for all categories (IS, I, II, III and Candidat)
    • For Candidat, the maximum age is 40 years old
    • For IS, I, II, III, the maximum age is 60
    • Upon receipt of the payment, the license will be validated until 31st December of the year.

    All information concerning UWW Referee Courses and Categories can be found here

    Personal license card

    In 2016 our IT Team implemented a new license card with QR code, reloadable from one year to another. Referees who had their license bought in 2016 received it via their National Federation a few weeks later. So the card of each new Referee will also be sent to his Federation a few weeks after the purchase. When the Federation will renew his license the following year, the validity and category will be immediately visible with the QR code. The license card can be kept during an entire sport's career, as it is reusable.

    Each Referee has to present his card at the UWW competition, and the list of Referee (printable via Athena by the Federation) also contains a QR code, and is accepted as valid proof for license.

    More Information concerning IMSSA Insurance is mentioned at the back of each card : Insurer details, website, user name and password for an online insurance claim, and also on our website, under Governance / License / Insurance.