Accident/illness' insurance & Emergency

General information

Our Licensees (Athletes U15, U17, U20, U23, Senior, Veteran, Coaches and Referees of all UWW styles) holding a license of the year are insured by IMSSA Insurance, under the following conditions. 

1. Accident and illness during a trip abroad

In the event of an accident or illness during a trip ABROAD to a competition published in the UWW calendar, licensees are insured by IMSSA during the stay, the competition and the training, if the accident/illness is declared for the first time during the UWW event. In this case IMSSA will cover the medical expenses (ambulatory and/or hospital fees) in the country where the competition is held. 

On the return to the country of residence for the continuation of treatment, IMSSA will intervene on a subsidiary basis, that means that IMSSA may settle the medical expenses that are not paid by the licensee's local insurance. Licensees must therefore apply for a local insurance in their country of residence.

Exception : IMSSA insurance cover starts from the departure of the country of residence and ends when the licensee returns to his country of residence. During the transfer home-airport and airport-home, the licensee is covered for accident only


  • COVID-19 is considered as an illness. During a UWW competition abroad, medical expenses (ambulatory and/or hospital fees) due to COVID-19 are covered by IMSSA, only if the infection is declared for the first time during the competition. 
  • If a licensee is suddenly and unexpectedly detained by the national authorities abroad (in the country of the competition), and is ordered a quarantine, IMSSA will cover food & accommodation for a maximum of 14 days, as well as additional cost of plane ticket (only if the ticket is modifiable) or ground transportation. Maximum amount per case CHF 3000. If the licensee was aware before his departure of a ban on entering the country of the UWW competititon without carrying out a quarantine and/or of a ban on returning to his country of residence without a quarantine, IMSSA will not cover any expenses.
  • COVID-19 tests, as well as any complication, aggravation and later consequences due to COVID-19 are not covered by IMSSA. For further details you may contact [email protected]

2. Accident and illness during UWW competition in the country of residence

In the event of a UWW competition in the country of residence of the licensee, IMSSA will pay for

  • accident during the competition and on a subsidiary basis, for a maximum of 365 days. That means that IMSA may settle the medical expenses that are not paid by the licensee's local insurance. That also means that if the licensee does not have a local insurance, IMSSA will not pay any medical expenses at all. Accident out of competition time like warm up, trip to the competition are not covered.
  • Medical expenses due to COVID-19 during a UWW competition in the country of residence of the licensee are not covered by IMSSA.
  • COVID-19 tests are not covered by IMSSA
  • If a licensee is ordered a quarantine at a competition in his home country, quarantine expenses will not be covered by IMSSA.

Medical expenses must be settled by the team of the National Federation’s licensee on site. Reimbursement will then be made by IMSSA, so the Federation must indicate in the online declaration the beneficiary’s full bank details.

3. What is the responsibility of the National Federation (Coach, Doctor, Athlete) ?

For emergency case

  • call the IMSSA alarm center immediately at +41 26 921 8001. IMSSA will organise the transportation to the appropriate hospital and/or repatriation, and will take charge of the case and transmit all necessary information for the medical follow-up and financial coverage. The payment will be made by IMSSA directly to the hospital and/or treating Physicians.
  • inform UWW immediately
  • the National Federation must complete within 48 hours the online declaration available on IMSSA’s website (see below) and join (scan) signed medical documents.

For cases of less importance (ambulatory cases) and without hospitalisation of one or more days

  • inform and send the patient’s passport copy to [email protected]
  • the National Federation must complete within 48 hours the online declaration on IMSSA’s website and join (scan) all signed medical documents prepared by the Doctor of the competition and/or treating Physicians.

Without any signed Medical Certificate and completed online declaration, IMSSA will not consider the claim.


4. How to complete IMSSA online declaration ?

  • log in on IMSSA’s website 
  • enter your user name which is UWW
  • enter your password which is 22AYCA094011 and follow the instructions. 

These information are mentioned on the back of the license cards.

If you have any question, please contact UWW [email protected] or IMSSA Insurance ([email protected]). Here is IMSSA tutorial if necessary uww_guideline.en_.pdf