USA vs Iran, China vs Ukraine for World Cup titles

By Vinay Siwach

CORALVILLE, Iowa (December 10) -- After a long opening day at the World Cup, it all comes down to four teams. The USA will take on Iran for the freestyle World Cup title while China will take on Ukraine for the women's wrestling title.

The USA defeated Mongolia and Georgia to reach the final while Iran defeated Japan and the All-World team in a close match-up.

Georgia will take on the All-World team for the third-place match in the men's competition while Mongolia will face the USA.

The final is set: Iran vs USA! It is what most fans wanted and they have got it. The finals begin at 1600 hours local time with China and Ukraine facing each other for the World Cup. At 1800 hours local time, Iran and the USA will line-up for the epic dual.

22:05: Amirreza MASOUMI (IRI) scores a counter takedown to open the scoring against Oleksandr KHOTSIANIVSKYI (UWW) at 125kg. And another before the break to make it 4-0. Masoumi pushes him to the back for four! An 8-0 lead for Masoumi. A strong double from Masoumi finishes the bout 12-0. The sixth win for Iran as it qualifies for the final against the US.

21:55: Amirali AZARPIRA (IRI) will have to pull off something special against Batyrbek TSAKULOV (UWW) at 97kg. He begins with three stepouts. Tsakulov shoots for the legs but gives up a go-behind. Tsakulov tries to throw Azarpira but gives up a takedown. Azarpira leads 7-0 at the break. Another stepout for Azarpira. No engagement from Tsakulov and Azarpira is a point away from winning this. He does that with ease and wins the fifth bout for Iran. The final bout coming up and the All-World team has to get a pin in it to win. 

21:45: On the women's side, Zhamila BAKBERGENOVA (UWW) defeated Skylar GROTE (USA) 6-0 to make it simple for Yasemin ADAR (TUR). She had to beat Yelena MAKOYED (USA) by technical superiority or fall. But it is the USA wrestler who pins Adar and wins the dual for the USA. It will take on Mongolia for third place.

21:33: At 92kg, Osman NURMAGOMEDOV (UWW) takes on Amirhossein FIROUZPOUR (IRI). He has win over the Iranian from the U23 World Championships last year but he barely scrapped past him. Firouzpour tries an attack that Nurmagomedov fakes and scores a go-behind for a 2-0 lead. Nurmagomedov gets on a single leg and scores two. Just before the break, Firouzpour gets a cradle for four and a pin but before the referee could call it, Nurmagomedov survives. The second period begins with a Firouzpour exposure and reversal for Nurmagomedov who challenges the call. It is awarded two and two. Nurmagomedov getting tired and Firouzpour manages to get a point for fleeing, adds another stepout. Nurmagomedov hits another leg attack but Firouzpour manages to expose his opponent before being in danger. This should be two and two but called only two. Nurmagomedov challenges and wins again. Nurmagomedov hits a double-leg and scores two for a 10-10 criteria lead. He has 20 seconds to defend his lead and he does it. He wins and ties the score at 4-4 in the dual.

21:25: Irina RINGACI (UWW) was made to work hard for that win at 68kg. Solin PIEARCY (USA) scored the first takedown and then survived a whizzer from Ringaci to keep it 2-2. Ringaci got a duck-under for two to lead 4-2. She keeps the score for the win. Two more bouts remaining and the All-World team needs to win both. The USA leads 17-11 on classification points so one of the wins for the All-World team needs to be a fall or both via technical superiority.

21:20: Mohammad NOKHODI (IRI) ties it up by beating Arslan BUDAZHPOV (UWW) 12-2 at 79kg. Big onus on Azamat DAULETBEKOV (UWW) against Alireza KARIMI (IRI) at 86kg now. Karimi with the takedown. An activity clock point makes it 3-0 for Karimi at the break. Karimi adds one more point to win 4-0. A big advantage since Dauletbekov did not score any classification due to his no score.

21:18: Mallory VELTE (USA) beats Mimi HRISTOVA (UWW) 12-0 and the USA now leads the dual 5-2. The All-World team needs to win the remaining three bouts with big margins as well.

21:15: Tajmuraz SALKAZANOV (UWW) with a 9-0 win over Mohmmadsadegh FIROUZPOUR (IRI) to make the dual 3-2 in favor of the All-World team. A technical superiority win would have been a better result if case both teams finish with five wins each.

20:57: Zhala ALIYEV (UWW) is injured. The USA now leads 3-1. World champion Anastasia NICHITA (UWW) pulls one back with a 12-2 win over Lexie BASHAM (USA) at 59kg. At 62kg, Aisuluu TYNYBEKOVA (UWW) takes on Kayla MIRACLE (USA). An early attack and two points for Tynybekova. Miracle reverses a Tynybekova attempt on the edge and put her on the back. It is scored four for Tynybekova, but Miracle challenges and wins. 4-2 lead for Miracle. A shot from Tynybekova but Miracle lifts her and gives up a reversal to lead 6-3. Tynybekova gets on a shot but in the process slips outside. Miracle gets the point but Tynybekova challenges. It is lost. Miracle gets a stepout to make it 9-3 and for the win.

20:55: Amirmohammad YAZDANI (IRI) takes on Ernazar AKMATALIEV (UWW) at 70kg. The last time these two clashed in Almaty, it ended 13-12 in the favor of Akmataliev. Yazdani blasts a double to open the scoring. He turns Akmataliev to lead 4-0. Ankle pick to single leg for Yazdani but Akmataliev tries to throw him over his head but fails and it's a 6-0 lead for Yazdani. Iran challenges the call asking for four points. But it's only two. 6-1 the score. Akmataliev gets a body lock but the judges a stepout for Yazdani. Akmataliev challenges but lost. 8-1 for Yazdani at the break. Akmataliev scores a stepout, then adds another. Yazdani struggling to keep up and Akmataliev gets a lucky exposure before Yazdani adds a stepout. Akmataliev with a head pinch at the end but Yazdani pushes him out to add a point. Yazdani wins 10-7, a crucial one in this dual.

20:49: Rahman AMOUZAD (IRI) starts with a stepout at 65kg against Taiyrbek ZHUMASHBEK UULU (UWW) who is also penalized for fleeing. Amouzad adds a takedown using the pressure from underhook and tripping Zhumashbek Uulu to make it 4-0 at the break. Stepout in the second period. Amouzad wins 5-0. No points from Zhumashbek Uluu may hurt the All-World team later

20:41: A big win for the All-World team in the women's competition. Maria PREVOLARAKI (UWW) scores one takedown in each period to beat Felicity TAYLOR (USA) 4-1 and tie the dual 1-1 against the USA. But the USA reclaim the lead as Jenna BURKERT (USA) beats Karla GODINEZ (UWW) 4-0 at 55kg.

20:40: Georgi VANGELOV (UWW) takes on Ebrahim ELAHI (IRI) who scores the first point. Vangelov gets a stepout and another point for Elahi's fleeing. He then pushes Elahi for another to make it 3-1. He squares up Elahi and then scores a go-behind to win 5-1. All-World team leads Iran 5-0. Iran trails 2-0

20:30: On Mat B, the All-World women's team is taking on the USA team for a place in the 3-4th place dual. The winner will face Mongolia for the third position. Erin GLOSTON (USA) begins with a 6-0 win over Anna LUKASIAK (UWW) at 50kg. 

20:25: Zelimkhan ABAKAROV (UWW) will wrestle Reza MOMENIJOUJADEH (IRI) at 57kg. Momenijoujadeh draws first blood with a takedown and leads 2-0 at the break. Abakarov fires back with a takedown to start the second period. He adds another with a double leg. Under a minute remaining and he scores a takedown and leg laces the Iranian for a 12-2 win.

Now it's time for Iran vs the All-World team. The winner will take on the USA for the World Cup!

20:15: From 5-0 lead to an 8-7 loss, Solomon MANASHVILI (GEO) will blame his conditioning, or lack of it, for the heartbreak. Hayden ZILLMER (USA) completes a whitewash for the USA. It wins 10-0 against Georgia and goes into the World Cup final.

20:10: Nodoka YAMAMOTO (JPN) beats Anastasiia SHUSTOVA (UKR) 2-2 at 76kg for the fifth win for Japan but it will go down on classification points. Ukraine has 24 points while Japan has 15. This is the first time in World Cup history that Japan will not be on the podium!

20:05: The USA continues to excel. Nathan JACKSON (USA) beats world bronze medalist  Miriani MAISURADZE (GEO) via technical superiority before Kyle SNYDER (USA) hands Givi MATCHARASHVILI (GEO) a 5-0 loss at 97kg.

20:04: No show from Yuka FUJIKURA (JPN) which means Alla BELINSKA (UKR) will get a walkover and Ukraine have qualified for the World Cup final against China!  

20:00: Tetiana RIZHKO (UKR) with a fall! Kumi KOBAYASHI (JPN) never looked comfortable against Rizhko who used the arm bar to secure the fall and more importantly get five classification points for Ukraine.

19:55: Miyu IMAI (JPN) surprises Kateryna ZELENYKH (UKR) with a 4-4 win. Imai had taken a 4-4 lead before giving up a stepout and takedown. She was cautioned for stopping an attacking move and was put in forced par terre but she defended further attacks and won. Japan leads 4-3. 

19:46: A stepout, an ankle pick for a takedown and a high gut take Zahid VALENCIA (USA) to a 5-0 lead against Sandro AMINASHVILI (GEO) at 86kg. He then shoots a head outside and adds two gut wrenches to win 11-0.

19:42: Yui SAKANO (JPN) has tied it 3-3 against Ukraine. What an exceptional performance. From 2-2, she got the front bodylock for four over Iryna KOLIADENKO (UKR) and then worked her way to a 13-2 win at 62kg. 

19:40: Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) trailed Vladimeri GAMKRELIDZE (GEO) 3-0 at the break but then scored three stepouts and a two-pointer on the edge to lead 5-3 against a completely exhausted Gamkrelidze. He held off the last 25 seconds to win and qualify the USA for the World Cup final.

19:30: Iryna BONDAR (UKR) adds to Ukraine's lead. She trailed Himeka TOKUHARA (JPN) 4-0 at the break but then caught the Japanese from behind as she tried to get out of a hold. She added a gut from takedown to lead 4-4 on criteria. Tokuhara almost caught Bondar but could not get the grip. A desperate throw from the Japanese to no avail as Bondar wins 6-4 at 59kg.

19:25: Nothing is working for Georgia here. Jason NOLF (USA) built an 8-0 lead with three takedowns and a gut. Good counter-attacking wrestling from Nolf. In the second period, he scores a stepout to make it 9-0. Sulava got on top in one scramble but Nolf still had control. Georgia challenges the call but lost. Nolf wins 10-0 at 74kg. One more win and the USA will reach the final.

19:20: Is there a more workman than Alec PANTALEO (USA) in the world? He works an 8-0 win over Giorgi ELBAKIDZE (GEO). 4-0 for the USA now.

19:17: Yulia TAKCH (UKR) over Ruka NATAMI (JPN) at 57kg! Huge win for Ukraine as it ties the dual 2-2. Takch scored a takedown in the first period and one in the second. Natami defended well and tried hard to score for herself but failed.

19:15: John DIAKOMIHALIS (USA) brushes off his loss to Tulga TUMUR OCHIR (MGL) and rolls to an 11-0 technical superiority win over Beka LOMTADZE (GEO) at 65kg. The USA leads the dual 3-0 

19:10: Alina HRUSHYNA (UKR) pulls one back for Ukraine as she beats U23 world champion Moe KIYOOKA (JPN) at 55kg. A takedown from the first period in a super aggressive but made the difference.

18:59: In the men's competition, Nick SURIANO (USA) begins with a 6-3 win over Beka BUJIASHVILI (GEO) to give the USA a 1-0 lead against Georgia. The USA makes it 2-0 as Seth GROSS (USA) wins 11-0 against Teimuraz VANISHVILI (GEO) at 61kg.

18:57: Another late comeback from Japan. Rino KATAOKA (JPN) trailed Albina RILLIA (UKR) 2-0 at 53kg for most of the bout before circling back to score a takedown with 20 seconds remaining and win 2-2. Japan leads 2-0.

18:45: Big match to start the dual. Hanano SAKURAI (JPN) takes on Oksana LIVACH (UKR). Both wrestlers trade passivity points and it's 1-1. Livach is warned for fleeing in the final 20 seconds. She gets her second warning with 10 seconds remaining and Sakurai leads 2-1. It will end in a Sakurai win. Great start for Japan. 

Welcome back to live action. Ukraine and Japan square off for a spot in the World Cup final against China.

18:00: Yasemin ADAR (UWW) and Juan WANG (CHN) with some solid defense. Both wrestlers have exchanged passivity points with Wang holding criteria. A spin to go behind from Wang to lead 3-1 with 16 seconds left. She adds another on a desperate Adar attempt and China wins the dual 22-19 on criteria and qualifies for the World Cup final.

17:50: Two-time world silver medalist Zhamila BAKBERGENOVA (UWW) claims a 3-2 win over QIANDEGENCHAGAN (CHN). Both wrestlers had traded the passivity points but Bakbergenova turned a leg attack into a takedown on which Qiandegenchangan reversal. But that was not enough. China challenged the call but to no avail. The All-World team now leads 5-4. It all comes down to the 76kg bout between Yasemin ADAR (TUR) and Juan WANG (CHN). Whoever wins the bout, wins the dual.

17:40: Feng ZHOU (CHN) cannot avenge her World Championships loss to Irina RINGACI (UWW). She falls 7-4 against Ringaci. An early attack from Ringaci saw her build the lead before Zhou scored a takedown. Ringaci was solid in her defense from a lot of positions. She did shoot a double leg to extend her lead even as Zhou scored a late takedown. The time ran out. The All-World team and China are now tied 4-4

17:35: Batyrbek TSAKULOV (UWW) beats Yohei SHINADA (JPN) 10-0 at 97kg and  Oleksandr KHOTSIANIVSKYI (UWW) defeats Hiroto NINOMIYA (JPN) 11-0 at 125kg as the All-World team beats Japan 9-1. Up next is Iran. 

17:30: Mimi HRISTOVA (UWW) has given life to the All-World team with a 10-8 win over Jia LONG (CHN). What a bout that was at 65kg. It was tied 2-2 at the break but Hristova found a takedown and a high gut got her to 10-2. Long scored a takedown and added two guts. A late ankle pick for 10-8 but Long failed to turn Hristova who wins.

17:24: Osman NURMAGOMEDOV (UWW) takes no time in beating Satoshi MIURA (JPN) 10-0 at 92kg. The All-World team has its task cut out to reach the final -- beat Iran.

17:20: Two-time world champion Aisuluu TYNYBEKOVA (UWW) uses her experience to beat Xiaojuan LUO (CHN) 4-0 at 62kg. That's the second win for the All-World team but China still has four wins. The important fact being that Tynybekova did not let Luo score.

17:18: Azamat DAULETBEKOV (UWW) with a five! He tanks U23 world champion Tatsuya SHIRAI (JPN). In the second period, he gets a takedown and a turn before finishing it 11-0 at 86kg.

17:10: Arsalan BUDAZHAPOV (UWW) trailed for the most part of that 79kg bout against Yajuro YAMASAKI (JPN) but he continues to struggle and ultimately wins 5-2. The All-World team leads 5-1 now. On Mat B, Anastasia NICHITA (UWW) gave up an early point but pins Qi ZHANG (CHN) in the second period. The first win for the All-World team. China still leads 4-1

16:56: Ernazar AKMATALIEV (UWW) with two big throws to lead 8-0 against Keitaro ONO (JPN) and then exposure to win 10-0 at 70kg. The All-World team now leads Japan 3-1. Tajmuraz SALKAZANOV (UWW) adds a 10-0 win over Kirin KINOSHITA (JPN) to make it 4-1.

16:55: Qianyu PANG (CHN) wins 4-0 over Karla GODINEZ (UWW) at 55kg. Two passivity points for Pang before a late takedown helps her win. China leads the dual 3-0. At 57kg, Zhala ALIYEVA (UWW) got a 4-0 lead but gave a reversal and gut as Yongxin FENG (CHN) cuts it to 4-3 at the break. But Feng launches a single leg after the break. Aliyeva gets exposure but Feng reverses the position and gut-wrenches Aliyeva to lead 14-6. Aliyeva seems to have hurt her leg. She won't be able to continue and China now leads 4-0.

16:45: Taiyrbek ZHUMASHBEK UULU (UWW) replaced Iszmail MUSZUKAJEV (UWW) at the last moment but stands up to the challenge to beat Ryoma ANRAKU (JPN) 4-1 at 65kg.


16:44: Maria PREVOLARAKI (UWW) tried hard to score a point in the final minute but a strong defense by Li DENG (CHN) saw the Chinese win 2-1. China now leads the dual 2-0.

16:32: Zelimkhan ABAKAROV (UWW) as casual as you like. He knocks off Taishi YAMAGUCHI (JPN) at 57kg 3-0 to give a 1-0 lead to the All-World team. Now at 61kg, Kaito MORIKAWA (JPN) vs Georgi VANGELOV (UWW). Morikawa builds a quick 4-0 lead over Vangelov. He then locks Vangelov's legs and two guts to finish the bout 10-0 in a minute and 19 seconds. Japan 1-1 All-World

16:25: China is on a mission! If it wins the dual against the All-World team, it will qualify for the final. Jiang ZHU (CHN) is now wrestling Anna LUKASIAK (UWW) at 50kg. Two passivity calls against Zhu. But she gets Lukasiak on her back and gets the pin!

Both the All-World teams are now in action! The men's team is taking on Japan while the women's team is up against China.

16:17: Davaanasan ENKH AMAR (MGL) with a late takedown but it is not enough as (UKR) Alla BELINSKA (UKR) hangs on for a 6-5 win and gets an outright win for Ukraine. Anastasiia SHUSTOVA (UKR) with a fall over Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) at 76kg and Ukraine win the dual 7-3.

16:10: Batzul ULZIISAIKHAN (MGL) is injured and Givi MATCHARASHVILI (GEO) will win at 97kg. Lkhagvagerel MUNKHTUR (MGL) works up Solomon MANASHVILI (GEO) at 125kg and eventually secures the fall. However, Georgia wins 7-3.

16:05: Tetiana RIZKHO (UKR) builds a 5-0 lead and closes in on a pin against Purevsuren ULZIISAIKHAN (MGL) but time runs out in the first period. Ulziisaikhan scores a takedown in the second period to cut the lead to 5-2. Rizkho will hold on for the win! Ukraine now leads the dual 5-3. It more or less confirms Ukraine's win in this dual.

16:00: Georgia wins the dual as Miriani MAISURADZE (GEO) receives a walkover at 92kg. That is the sixth win for the nation against Mongolia and they will wrestle the USA later this evening for a spot in the World Cup final.

15:55: Kateryna ZELENYKH (UKR) was in some trouble against Orkhon PUREVDORJ (MGL) after the early takedown but she gets the double-leg and a gut wrench to lead 6-2. But Purevdorj with an underhook to make it 6-4. Zelenykh with a smart whizzer but changes it to a takedown for two. She leads 8-4 at the break in this 65kg bout. The second period begins with a cradle from Purevdorj to make it 8-6 but a double from Zelenykh and she extends her lead 10-6. A takedown from Purevdorj and adds a gut to lead 10-10. Zelenykh with a high single with 15 seconds left to secure the win 12-10.


15:49: U23 world champion Vladimeri GAMKRELIDZE (GEO) has put Georgia 4-2 ahead with a 12-2 win over Temuujin MENDBILEG (MGL). Now at 86kg, Bat Erdene BAYASGALAN (MGL) vs Sandro AMINASHVILI (GEO). The Mongolian is up 1-0 for passivity but then Aminashvili with a duck under to lead 2-1 at the break. Takedown to make it 4-1. He adds another and turns to make it 8-1. He wins with the same score

15:47: Tserenchimed SUKHEE (MGL) over Olympic bronze medalist Iryna KOLIADENKO (UKR) at 62kg. Koliadenko led 4-2 at the break but Sukhee came back stronger in the second period. She comes up with an arm spin to go behind to lead 6-4. She then blasts a double-leg for four! Sukhee wins 12-7 and Mongolia has tied this 3-3.

15:45: Sumiyabazar ZANDANBUD (MGL) and Giorgi SULAVA (GEO) involved in a close bout at 74kg. Sulava got a nice attack but Zandanbud gets on top for 2 and gets the turn to make it 4-0. Sulava with a head pinch and four! Mongolia challenges the call but loses. Sulava with two exposure in the second period and ultimately secures the fall.

15:35: Ukraine has turned up the heat! Yuliia TKACH (UKR) with a fall over Erdenesuvd BAT ERDENE (MGL) at 57kg and then Iryna BONDAR (UKR) does the same against Davaachimeg ERKHEMBAYAR (MGL) at 59kg. Ukraine now leads 3-2.

15:31: U23 world champion Giorgi ELBAKIDZE (GEO) with a big four to open the scoring at 70kg against Munkhtulga ZUUNBAYAN (MGL). He scores a takedown and fleeing from Zuunbayan, turns from par terre and finishes it 11-1. Georgia ties it 2-2.

15:30: Pancaked for a fall! Alina HRUSHYNA (UKR) puts Bolortuya BAT OCHIR (MGL) on her back and picks up the fall at 55kg. The first win for Ukraine.

15:25: Otgonjargal GANBAATAR (MGL) with a late attack and exposure to win 6-4 against Albina RILLIA (UKR) at 53kg. Rillia was leading 6-2 but Ganbaatar with a lift and two exposure to win. Mongolia leads 2-0.

15:20: At 65kg, Beka LOMTADZE (GEO) up against Tulga TUMUR-OCHIR (MGL). Lomtadze is behind 1-0 at the break. Another passivity call on Lomtadze during which Tumur Ochir with an arm spin for four. He leads 6-0. Lomtadze with a close takedown but it's not confirmed. Georgia challenges but lost. Tumur Ochir leads 7-0. He ends it with an all-air gut for four! He wins 11-0. Mongolia leads 2-1.

15:01: Otgonjargal DOLGORJAV (MGL) with a hiptoss to get four against Oksana LIVACH (UKR) and leads 4-2 at the break. Livach with some defense. She controls Dolgorjav but cannot bring her down. Instead, falls on her back and gives up two. Dolgorjav scores two more and wins 8-2.

15:00: For Georgia, Beka BUJIASHVILI (GEO) and Zanabazar ZANDANBUD (MGL) wrestling at 57kg. Bujiashvili gets an ankle pick takedown for two. Zandanbud also scores one. Bujiashvili continues to get on Zandanbud's leg and leads 4-3. Zandanbud begins the second period with a go-behind and then a turn to lead 7-4. A 9-6 win for Zandanbud but Georgia will receive a walkover at 61kg to make it 1 win each.

Welcome back for the second session. Mongolia will take on Georgia in freestyle while Ukraine is up against Mongolia in the women's competition. A win for Mongolia in this dual against Ukraine will take them to the final

13:30: Another U23 world champion Amirreza MASOUMI (IRI) takes no time to win the 125kg bout. He begins by tripping Hiroto NINOMIYA (JPN) for four before adding a takedown and two turns to win 10-0. Iran wins the dual 9-1.  

13:25: U23 world champion Amirali AZARPIRA (IRI) against Yohei SHINADA (JPN) at 97kg. He scores a stepout, to begin with. He adds two takedowns to make it 5-0 before blasting a double-leg to make it 7-0. Shinada surprises with a lucky takedown. Azarpira with an ankle pick for a takedown and then two turns to win 11-2. 

13:15: Two-time world champion Kamran GHASEMPOUR (IRI) got a little disturbed by an accidental head to the eye by Satoshi MIURA (JPN). But he gathers himself, throws Miura for a four, adds a lace, a takedown later and ends it with a crafty go-behind after toying with Miura. A top win for the world champ.

13:10: U23 world champion Tatsuya SHIRAI (JPN) gave some challenge to three-time world medalist Alireza KARIMI (JPN) at 86kg but it was never enough. Karimi wins 11-0 to win the dual for Iran. 6-1 now.

13:02: China wins the dual against the USA 8-2 in the women's competition. A significant achievement and a step closer to the final of the World Cup. The technical superiority wins against the USA will help it even if it loses the second dual against the All-World team.

13:01: Ali SAVADKOUHI (IRI) is a workhorse. He begins with three stepouts against Yajuro YAMASAKI (JPN) at 79kg and then adds a takedown and leads 7-0 at the break. In the second period, he adds two more takedowns and wins 11-0

13:00: World champion Amit ELOR (USA) breaks the duck for the USA. She beats QIANDEGENCHAGAN (CHN) 5-0 at 72kg to avoid a whitewash in this dual. Dymond GUILFORD (USA) makes it another win for the USA as she locks Juan WANG (CHN) in lace to lead 7-0 at the break. She gives up a takedown in the second period but wins 7-2

12:52: Mohmmadsadegh FIROUZPOUR (IRI) had a scare in the end as he was caught with both knees on the mat but Kirin KINOSHITA (JPN) could never force a clean takedown. Firouzpour wins 3-1 at 74kg and Iran now leads 4-1.

12:35: The USA got some hope from Kayla MIRACLE (USA) at 62kg and Mallory VELTE (USA) at 65kg as both led their bouts. But Xiaojuan LUO (CHN) defeated Miracle 6-4 before Jia LONG (CHN) makes a comeback from 8-4 to beat Velte 12-8 using a strong gut wrench. That is followed by Feng ZHOU (CHN) steamrolling Sienna RAMIREZ (USA) 10-0 at 68kg. Again the gut wrench.

12:25: Iran now leads 2-1 in the dual against Japan. Mohammadreza BAGHERI (IRI) hangs on for a 2-1 win against Ryoma ANRAKU (JPN) at 65kg. It is followed by an absolute thriller between Aliakbar FAZLI (IRI) and Keitaro ONO (JPN) at 70kg. Fazli trailed 6-1 but breaks Ono and wins 8-6.

12:20: The USA is yet to score a point in this dual against China. After technical superiority wins at 50kg and 53kg, Olympic silver medalist Qianyu PANG (CHN) beats Jenna BURKERT (USA) 4-0 at 55kg, Yongxin FENG (CHN) defeats Amanda MARTINEZ (USA) 10-0 at 57kg and Qi ZHANG (CHN) hands Michaela BECK (USA) an 11-0 defeat at 59kg.

12:05: In the Iran-Japan dual, Taishi YAMAGUCHI (JPN) did make a comeback against Reza MOMENIJOUJADEH (IRI) but falls 6-5 at 57kg. A 1-0 lead for Iran. Next up is Ebrahim ELAHI (IRI) against Kaito MORIKAWA (JPN) at 61kg. Morikawa gets the seatbelt position and both wrestlers are in a scramble. Elahi leads 2-1 at the break. But Morikawa with a leg lace and finishes the bout 13-2. Iran 1-1 Japan

11:57: Not an ideal start for the USA. Jiang ZHU (CHN) with a quick 10-0 win over Emily SHILSON (USA) at 50kg before Li DENG (CHN) also scores a 10-0 win over Amy FEARNSIDE (USA) to give China a 2-0 lead.

11:50: Time for the second dual! Iran is taking on Japan in freestyle while the USA faces a strong China on the women's side.  Reza MOMENIJOUJADEH (IRI) vs Taichi YAMAGUCHI (JPN) at 57kg and in women's Emily SHILSON (USA) takes on Jiang ZHU (CHN) at 50kg.

11:45: Nodoka YAMAMOTO (JPN) wins 2-0 at 76kg over Burmaa OCHIRBAT (MGL) but it doesn't mean much. Mongolia and Japan finish 5-5 but the former has two wins via fall which means it finishes with a classification score of 22 points to 18 points and wins the dual.

11:40: Purevsuren ULZIISAIKHAN (MGL) has put Mongolia in the driver's seat with a fall over Kumi KOBAYASHI (JPN) at 68kg. Davaanasan ENKH AMAR (MGL) gets a walkover Yuka FUJIKURA (JPN) at 72kg which means another 5 classification points for Mongolia which means it wins the dual irrespective of the result at 76kg

11:30: Orkhon PUREVDORJ (MGL) adds another win for Mongolia. The 2017 world champion beats Miyu IMAI (JPN) 9-4 at 65kg to make the dual 4-3 and keep Mongolia alive. Next up is Purevsuren ULZIISAIKHAN (MGL) vs Kumi KOBAYASHI (JPN) at 68kg.

11:20: Himeka TOKUHARA (JPN) beats Davaachimeg ERKHEMBAYAR (MGL) 5-3 at 59kg to make it 4-1 for Japan but Tserenchimed SUKHEE (MGL) gets one back with a 7-5 win over Yui SAKANO (JPN) at 62kg. Japan still needs a win to be safe.

Zane RICHARDS (USA)Zane RICHARDS (USA) won the opening battle at 57kg. (Photo: UWW / Kadir Caliskan)

11:10: All over between the USA and Mongolia. World silver medalist Lkhagvagerel MUNKHTUR (MGL) df. Hayden ZILLMER (USA) 3-1 at the 125kg bout but the USA will win the dual 7-3.

11:00: Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) at 79kg and Zahid VALENCIA (USA) at 86kg win by technical superiority. Nathan JACKSON (USA) gets the forfeit at 92kg and Kyle SNYDER (USA) also gets the win via injury default at 97kg to seal it for the USA.

10:51: A great win for Ruka NATAMI (JPN) at 57kg. She beats Erdenesuvd BAT ERDENE (MGL) 3-0 and Japan now leads the battle 3-1 

10:50: Sumiyabazar ZANDANBUD (MGL) beats Vincenzo JOSEPH (USA) 8-0 at 74kg but it won't have much consequence on the outcome of the dual as the USA has already won three bouts and has two walkovers.

10:40: The USA now leads 3-1 as Tyler BERGER (USA) wins 10-0 against Munkhtulga ZUUNBAYAN (MGL) at 74kg. On the other mat, a big win for Japan as U23 world champion Moe KIYOOKA (JPN) beats Olympic bronze medalist Bolortuya BAT OCHIR (MGL) 6-4 at 55kg to make it 2-1 for Japan.

10:33: It's 1-1 between Japan and Mongolia. Rino KATAOKA (JPN) with a late takedown and exposure to beat Otgonjargal GANBAATAR (MGL) 5-1 at 53kg.


10:32: Mongolia pulls one back! After Seth GROSS (USA) received a walkover at 61kg, world silver medalist John DIAKOMIHALIS (USA) could have made it 3-0 for the USA but Tulga TUMUR OCHIR (MGL) beats him 10-3 to win at 65kg

10:25: Zane RICHARDS (USA) with complete control over Zanabazar ZANDANBUD (MGL) as he wins 10-0 at 57kg. On the women's side, a clutch performance from Otgonjargal DOLGORJAV (MGL) as she wins 3-3 with a takedown attempt for a pin against Hanano SAKURAI (JPN). Sakurai led 3-0 but was called passive and then gave up the two on exposure.

10:10: Zane RICHARDS (USA) and Zanabazar ZANDANBUD (MGL) are on Mat A for their 57kg bout. On Mat B, world silver medalist Otgonjargal DOLGORJAV (MGL) faces Hanano SAKURAI (JPN) at 50kg. 

10:05: The USA is a heavy favorite against Mongolia as the latter failed to enter two weight classes. In women's, Japan has a young team but it will still be difficult for Mongolia to get past the wrestling powerhouse

10:00: Welcome to the World Cup. The hosts USA are ready to entertain the crowd as it takes on Mongolia while Japan takes on the same country in the women's competition.