Uruguay hosts pair of Coaches Courses, Introduction to Refereeing

By United World Wrestling Press

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (November 11) --- Keeping with the series of UWW courses that are taking place in the American continent, on this occasion was the time of Montevideo from November 1 to 7. The courses were: Coaches Course Level 1 and Level 2 and Introduction to Refereeing. A total of 31 participants took part in the course. The majority of the coaches were from Uruguay, but there also were participants from six other countries.

This course is part of the UWW's education program, and the purpose is to provide the coaches with tools to strengthen their professional work. The course consisted of several sessions between theoretical and practical, structured in such a way that what was learned in the classroom was applied on the mat.

This course was made with the support of the Olympic Solidarity, the Uruguayan Olympic Committee, and the Uruguayan Wrestling Federation.

URUParticipants from the Uruguay courses gather for a photo. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

All the activities were held in the brand-new Combat Sports Training Center, founded in 2019, with two mats and a classroom that makes it easy to take the course.

The opening ceremony was held on November 2 and was attended by distinguished personalities such as the President of the National Olympic Committee, Julio C. MAGLIONE, the National Secretary of Sports, Sebastián BAUZÁ and the President of the Uruguay Wrestling Federation, Dante STEFANO.

We had the educators Pedro ROJAS (PUR) for the coaches and Ignacio D'Alessandro (ARG) for the referees. 

"We are very pleased with the outcome of the course. We found a group of participants with a basic level of knowledge of the sport but who were willing to learn and make the most of the concepts and tools provided. We had five days of very fruitful work, and we went back home knowing that we had left the bases for Uruguay to start implementing a successful development program. We want to come back in a while to help them take it to the next level". say Ignacio D’Alessandro, Referee Educator.

The Uruguayan Wrestling Federation is starting to work very hard in the development of the sport in its country. And from the UWW, we hope to continue working in this way with them and accompany them in their growth and institutional strengthening.


Wrestling Academy Bern gets new training facility

By United World Wrestling Press

BERN, Switzerland (December 5) -- Wrestling Academy Bern officially opened a new training facility in Bern last month with much celebration. With an aim to bring wrestling out of the shadows in Bern and Switzerland, WAB has been making consistent efforts and celebrated a successful year with the opening of the new club.

The United World Wrestling has also donated equipment to WAB and has overviewed the constant progress of the club.

Around 130 guests attended the opening and among them were companions and supporters of the WAB, who contributed in various ways to the successful year of the young club.

The club was founded in 2018 and set itself a goal of constructing and expanding the training premises which was completed on November 25.

“Sport unites! The guest list is a mixed bag of people who are seeing a wrestling mat for the first time today and others who have been in the sport their whole lives," Robin Pietschmann, Team Manager, said emphasizing how representative the event is of an important cornerstone of the WAB.

The club was sourced via a crowdfunding project, which was carried out in the spring of 2022 on the “I believe in you” platform.

"The occasion is therefore also an opportunity for us today to say a big merci to those who have diligently supported and donated," Nadine Pietschmann added at the opening.

The WAB has successfully achieved promotion to the National League B [Swiss Wrestling Challenge League which the active team achieved a few weeks ago.

The Swiss Wrestling Federation also sent a representative to this special occasion. The head of the league, Gabriel Christen, congratulated the Wrestling Academy Bern on the new club and training facility and also emphasized the exemplary youth work of the young club.

"Nothing is as old as yesterday's success," emphasized Robin Pietschmann at the end, which in no way diminished the joy and pride of what was achieved. He also pointed that the next steps will be much more difficult than the previous ones.

The official part ended with a demonstration by some members of the WAB active team. The interested audience got a spectacular insight into the training operations and also into the basics of wrestling.