U20 World Championships Day 1 semis set

By Vinay Siwach

AMMAN, Jordan (August 14) -- The U20 World Championships kick off in Amman, Jordan with freestyle action. Wrestlers from five weight classes -- 57kg, 65kg, 70kg, 79kg and 97kg -- will be on the mats with a host of returning medalists and continental champions.


Here are the semifinals for the evening session


Abdullah TOPRAK (TUR) vs. Jesse MENDEZ (USA)

Julian GEORGE (PUR) vs. Meyer SHAPIRO (USA)
Dalgat ABDULKADYROV (AIN) vs. Mohammad Reza SHAKERI (IRI)

Ibragim KADIEV (AIN) vs. Ali TCOKAEV (AZE)
Matthew SINGLETON (USA) vs. Sagar JAGLAN (IND)

Abolfazl BABALOO (IRI) vs. Camden MC DANEL (USA)
Ivan PRYMACHENKO (UKR) vs. Uladzislau KAZLOU (AIN)

14:40: U20 European champion Ruslan ABDULLAYEV (AZE) gets Ahmad JAVAN (IRI) in a double-hand lock and gets the fall! Abdullayev moves into the 57kg semifinals.

14:30: Iran puts another one in the semifinals. Abolfazl BABALOO (IRI) with a very strong performance against Kamil KURUGLIYEV (KAZ) 6-1 at 97kg. No openings were given to Kurugliyev, the U20 Asian champion

14:15: Battle of two former U17 world champions and Magomed BAITUKAEV (AIN) clearly surprised by Meyer SHAPIRO's (USA) defense. He shoots twice but Shapiro manages to scramble out and lead 6-0 at the break in the 70kg quarterfinal. Shapiro begins the second period with a takedown after Baitukaev hits his head on the mat. 8-0 lead for Shapiro. He blocks Baitukaev for the remaining time to win 8-0. That marks the United States sending five-out-of-five wrestlers into the semifinals today.

14:00: SAGAR (IND) comes back from 5-0 down to beat Herbert AKAPIAN (AIN) 15-5 using his gas tank. Big win for Sagar at 57kg. He faces Yuto NISHIUCHI (JPN) in the semifinals.

13:40: Abdullah TOPRAK (TUR) pins Kamronbek KADAMOV (UZB)! A huge result at 65kg as Toprak takes out former U17 world champion Kadamov. 

13:25: Ahmad JAVAN (IRI) scores a takedown and roll in the activity period against Merey BAZARBAYEV (KAZ), who won a silver medal last year, to lead 4-0 at the break. He scores another takedown after the break and wins 6-1. 

13:22: At 97kg, 2022 U17 world champion Kamil KURGULIYEV (KAZ) led 5-0 against U20 European bronze medalist Zafar ALIYEV (AZE). He did give up a takedown but was clinical in his 5-2 win over Aliyev.

13:10: U20 European champion Ruslan ABDULLAYEV (AZE) goes 10-0 over David KIEFER (GER). On Mat C, returning gold medalist from 61kg, Yuto NISHIUCHI (JPN), now wrestling at 57kg, makes it to the quarterfinals with a 6-1 win over Nodirbek JUMANAZAROV (UZB).

12:50: A back-and-forth bout between Meyer SHAPIRO (USA) and Mirjavad NABIYEV (AZE) but the U.S. wrestler manages to win 6-4 to advance to the quarterfinals against Magomed BAITUKAEV (AIN).

12:45: Julian GEORGE (PUR) takes out senior Asian silver medalist Zafarbek OTAKHONOV (UZB). Otakhonov managed to get a four-pointer but did not press much in the second period. George was relentless and ultimately claimed an 8-5 win at 70kg.

12:35: Here are the quarterfinals for the 79kg weight class

Ahmet YAGAN (TUR) vs. Sagar JAGLAN (IND)

12:18: Magomed BAITUKAEV (AIN) is living up to the hype. The former U17 world champion moves into the 70kg with a 10-0 win over Mikita DZEMCHANKA (AIN). Not the easiest of fields at 70kg and he will face the winner of Meyer SHAPIRO (USA) vs. Mirjavad NABIYEV (AZE).

12:00: At 57kg, returning silver medalist Merey BAZARBAYEV (KAZ) has made his way to the pre-quarterfinals after beating Ruslan SOLOVEI (UKR) 10-0 in the opening bout. He faces a tough Ahmad JAVAN (IRI)  

11:45: Luke LILLEDAHL (USA), who has two U17 world medals including gold, begins his quest for a U20 world title with a strong 9-2 win over Lev PAVLOV (AIN). The United States have been very successful in the morning with all five wrestlers winning their first bouts.  

11:15: Former U17 world champion Meyer SHAPIRO (USA) with a dominant 10-0 win over Yuma TOMIYAMA (JPN) at 70kg. He wrestles Mirjavad NABIYEV (AZE) in the pre-quarterfinals.

10:55: Quick show from Kaiji OGINO (JPN) at 65kg as he leg laces U20 Asian champion Jaskaran SINGH (IND) 10-0 inside the first minute.

10:50: A huge match-up between Jesse MENDEZ (USA) and U20 European champion Mykyta ZUBAL (UKR) at 65kg. Mendez leads 1-0 at the break after Zubal's inactivity. Zubal takes the lead in the second period. He heeps holding criteria until Mendez scores a stepout with four seconds remaining. Referees call it neutral. A challenge from the United States and a stepout and fleeing are confirmed on review. Mendez pulls off a stunning 3-1 win.

10:40: U20 Asian champion Sagar JAGLAN (IND), who won a bronze medal at 74kg last year, trailed 4-2 against Radomir STOYANOV (BUL) but like always, unleash his attacks. Stoyanov feels the heat and is caught in a leg lace. 15-4 win for Jaglan at 79kg

10:15: First big match of the day with Ibragim KADIEV (AIN) blanking Farzad SAFIJAHANSHAHI (IRI) 10-0 at 79kg. A statement win from Kadiev here to begin the proceedings.

10:00: Welcome to day one of the U20 World Championships from the capital of Jordan, Amman. A hot day here and no doubt the action will be different.


Amman to host U17 Worlds; Novi Sad gets U17, U20 Euros

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (February 23) -- United World Wrestling has reallocated the U17 World Championships to Amman, Jordan.

The 2024 U17 Worlds were originally scheduled to be held in Argentina from August 19 to 25 but UWW was forced to change the host due to the political situation in the country. The tournament will now be held in Amman on the same dates i.e. August 19-25, 2024.

The U17 and U20 European Championships were also shifted with Novi Sad, Serbia named as the new host. This will be a joint event with the U17 European Championships running from June 24 to 30 and the U20 European Championships scheduled from July 1 to 7.

The UWW Bureau arrived at this decision after the previous hosts failed to guarantee that the teams and athletes could come and compete without discrimination, in accordance with the fundamental principles and rules of the Olympic Movement.

As previously announced, the 2024 Non-Olympic Senior World Championships will be hosted in Tirana, Albania, from October 28 to 31, immediately following the 2024 U23 World Championships. UWW decided that the wrestlers who compete at the Olympic Games in Paris will not be allowed to register for this event.