Noroozi, Ghasemi Bag Tickets to Rio 2016 for Iran

By William May

ASTANA (March 20) – London 2012 Olympic Games gold medalist Omid NOROOZI (IRI) and bronze medal winner Komeil GHASEMI (IRI) advanced to the finals of the Asian Olympic Games qualifying tournament on Sunday to secure Iran’s first and only tickets for Rio 2016.

Iran, which won eight Olympic Games berths at last September’s world championships in Las Vegas, now has a total of 10 berths in the 12 men’s events for Rio 2016 with two world qualifying tournaments coming up in April and May.

Ghasemi’s victory by fall over DENG Zhiwei (CHN) in the 125kg semifinals gives Iran a full slate of six wrestlers for the freestyle competition in Rio.  It still needs to fill the gaps at 59kg and 130kg in Greco-Roman.

Noroozi, most recently the 2014 world silver medalist, racked up a pair of technical falls and held onto a 7-6 victory over 2015 Asian bronze medalist ZHENG Pan (CHN) in the quarterfinals to earn the 66kg ticket in Greco-Roman for Iran.

Kazakhstan, meanwhile, went into Sunday’s semifinal round with a chance to win six more berths in Rio 2016 and managed to come away with four to give the host country an overall total of nine tickets won over the last three days.

Zhuldyz ESHIMOVA (KAZ) whipped Asian bronze medalist Vinesh VINESH (IND) to her back for four points midway through second period of their 48kg semifinal and held on for a 5-4 win while Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ) raced out to an 8-2 lead at 63kg then cruised home.

Daulet SHABANBAY (KAZ), a seventh-place finisher in Las Vegas, punched his ticket to Rio with a 10-8 win over 2014 Asia champion Aiaal LAZAREV (KGZ) in the 125kg semifinals and is scheduled to meet Ghasemi tournament finale Sunday evening.

Aslan KAKHIDZE (KAZ), a bronze medal winner at the Asian championships in February, also slipped by Shinya MATSUMOTO (JPN) at 86kg in freestyle to cap the Kazakhstani’s amazing run through the semifinals.

China also received a pair of tickets from WANG Xiaoqian (CHN) in the women’s 63kg category and XIAO Di (CHN), a seventh-place finisher in Las Vegas who punched his ticket an 8-4 win over former world champion Mohamed Abdelfattah MOHAMED (BRN) at 98kg in Greco-Roman.

Tomohiro INOUE (JPN) edged Magomed CHUHALOV (KAZ), 2-1, at 66kg in Greco-Roman to give Japan its fifth ticket of the competition, making China and Japan the second most successful teams at the Astana tourney.



86kg (10 entries)
Semifinal – Aslan KAKHIDZE (KAZ) df. Shinya MATSUMOTO (JPN), 6-3
Semifinal – ORGODOL Uitumen (MGL) df. Somveer SOMVEER (IND) by TF, 10-0, 3:30

Gold – Aslan KAKHIDZE (KAZ) v ORGODOL Uitumen (MGL)
Bronze – Umidyon ISMANOV (UZB) v Shinya MATSUMOTO (JPN)
Bronze – KIM Gwan-Uk (KOR) v Somveer SOMVEER (IND)

125kg (11 entries)
Semifinal – Komeil GHASEMI (IRI) df. DENG Zhiwei (CHN) by Fall, 2:26 (3-0)
Semifinal – Daulet SHABANBAY (KAZ) df. Aiaal LAZAREV (KGZ), 10-8

Gold – Komeil GHASEMI (IRI) v Daulet SHABANBAY (KAZ)
Bronze – Farkho ANAKULOV (TJK) v Aiaal LAZAREV (KGZ)
Bronze – NAM Kyong-Jin (KOR) v Aiaal LAZAREV (KGZ)

Women's Wrestling

48kg (8 entries)
Semifinal – Zhuldyz ESHIMOVA (KAZ) df. Vinesh VINESH (IND), 5-4
Semifinal – VU Thi Hang (VIE) df. SO Sim-Hyang (PRK), 3-2

Gold – Zhuldyz ESHIMOVA (KAZ) v VU Thi Hang (VIE)
Bronze – LEE Yu-Mi (KOR) v SO Sim-Hyang (PRK)
Bronze – Dauletbike YAKSHIMUROVA (UZB) v Vinesh VINESH (IND)

63kg (6 entries)
Semifinal – WANG Xiaoqian (CHN) df. KIM Ran-Mi (PRK) by TF, 11-0, 3:51
Semifinal – Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ) df. Anita ANITA (IND), 8-2

Gold – WANG Xiaoqian (CHN) v Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ)
Bronze – KIM Ran-Mi (PRK)
Bronze – Nilufar GADAEVA (UZB) v Anita ANITA (IND)


66kg (9 entries)
Semifinal – Tomohiro INOUE (JPN) df. Magomed CHUHALOV (KAZ), 2-1
Semifinal – Omid NOROOZI (IRI) df. Ravinder RAVINDER (IND) by TF, 11-1, 6:00

Gold – Tomohiro INOUE (JPN) v Omid NOROOZI (IRI)
Bronze – PANG Jin-Chol (PRK) v Magomed CHUHALOV (KAZ)
Bronze – Didar AMMANAZAROV (TKM) v Ravinder RAVINDER (IND)

98kg (11 entries)
Semifinal – Hardeep HARDEEP (IND) df. Margulan ASSEMBEKOV (KAZ) by Withdrawal, 11-2, 4:52
Semifinal – XIAO Di (CHN) df. Mohamed Abdelfattah MOHAMED (BRN), 8-4

Gold – Hardeep HARDEEP (IND) v XIAO Di (CHN)
Bronze – Arslan SAPARMAMEDOV (TKM) v Margulan ASSEMBEKOV (KAZ)
Bronze – Jahongir TURDIEV (UZB) v Mohamed Abdelfattah MOHAMED (BRN)

قزاقستان میزبان مسابقات نیز در مجموع سه روز مسابقه گزینشی المپیک صاحب 9 بلیت المپیک شد.

چین نیز در وزن 63 کیلوگرم زنان و 98 کیلوگرم فرنگی دو سهمیه المپیک کسب کرد. ژاپن نیز در 66 کیلوگرم فرنگی توسط توموهیرو انوی به پنجمین سهمیه المپیک در مسابقات گزینشی قزاقستان رسید تا این کشور در کنار چین، در رده دوم موفق ترین کشورها در کسب سهمیه از مسابقات گزینشی قاره آسیا قرار گیرد.

نتایج دیدارهای نیمه نهایی

کشتی آزاد

86 کیلوگرم (10 شرکت کننده)

اصلان کاخیدزه (قزاقستان) 6 – شینیا ماتسوموتو (ژاپن) 3

اورگودول (مغولستان) 10 – سومویر (هند) 0


125 کیلوگرم (11 شرکت کننده)

کمیل قاسمی (ایران) 10 – دنگ ژی وی (چین) 0

دولت شابانبای (قزاقستان) 10 – آیال لازاریف (قرقیزستان) 8


کشتی زنان

48 کیلوگرم (8 شرکت کننده)

ژولدیز اشیموا (قزاقستان) 5 – وینش وینش (هند) 4

وو تی هانگ ( ویتنام) 3 – یو سیم هیانگ (کره شمالی) 2

63 کیلوگرم (6 شرکت کننده)

وانگ ژیائو کیان (چین) 11 – کیم ران می (کره شمالی) 0

اکاترینا لاریونوا (قزاقستان) 8 – آنیتا (هند) 2


کشتی فرنگی

66 کیلوگرم (9 شرکت کننده)

توموهیرو اینوی (ژاپن) 2 – ماگومد چوهالوف (قزاقستان) 1

امید نوروزی (ایران) 11 – راویندر (هند) 1


98 کیلوگرم

هاردیپ (هند) 11 – مارگولان آسمبکوف (قزاقستان) 2

ژیائو دی (چین) 8 – محمد عبدالفتاح محمد (بحرین) 4