Fair Play

Lalovic Reaffirms Wrestling’s Commitment to Olympic Charter, Fair Play

By United World Wrestling Press

IOWA CITY (April 8) – United World Wrestling president and IOC executive board member Nenad LALOVIC today reasserted wrestling’s commitment to open and fair play in sport.

“Like many federations we face problems with countries allowing their politics to interfere in competition,” said Lalovic. “For wrestling, this problem has been visible among our stakeholders. No longer can we allow political problems to enter the field of play. We must fight against any opponent of our sport community with all the means we have.”

Lalovic is currently in Iowa City, United States attending the 2018 Men’s Freestyle World Cup, a dual meet competition featuring the top eight wrestling nations in the world.

“If every international political conflict is transferred to the field of play, and we fail to respond, then all of sport would be in jeopardy. Every nation and every sport on the Olympic programme must respect the Olympic charter and the nature of their sport in general.”

“We will never allow any disrespect to our nations, nor will the IOC.”

United World Wrestling is reviewing all host cities and national federations to ensure they have no outstanding political disputes which might conflict with the idea of open and fair competition. Also, nations who do not allow for entrance of other nations will not be considered for hosting future events.

UWW Medical Commission Participates in IOC Conference

By United World Wrestling Press

As the year comes to a close, United World Wrestling Medical Commission participated in the International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport and made presentations on some of the work of the UWW Medical Commission.

The two-day conference which was held on Sunday and Monday was attended by Dr Shadgan and Dr Molnar. The team put up a presentation on two topics -- Wrestling injuries during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Referees can prevent injuries in wrestling; an experience from the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The two presentations also found a place in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

At the Tokyo Games, 287 wrestlers participated and only 28 injuries were recorded during 322 bouts, resulting in 9.8 injuries per 100 athletes and 8.7 injuries per 100 bouts. For details, fans can access the full presentation here.

At the two youth events in 2018, 768 junior wrestlers participated in the Youth Olympic Games and Junior World Championships. The injury rate was 4.54 percent and 10.64 percent respectively. Full details of the presentation can be found here.

Dr Shadgan also participated in the International Federation's Medical Commission Chairpersons on November 24. The conference was organized by IOC.

In another step for the safety of the wrestlers, Hungary's Marton Tomin also made a presentation on 'development of wrestling mat materials to achieve better mechanical properties and improve the safety of the athletes.'