KSA Wrestling Federation hosts UWW Women’s Coaching Course

By UWW Development

20 women from different provinces of Saudi Arabia participated in the UWW Technical Course for Coaches – Introduction to Coaching and Safety from the 5th to the 9th of December 2021 in the Green Hall, Ministry of Sport, Riyadh. This course was organized by the Saudi Arabian Wrestling Federation and supported by the Leaders Development Institute.

UWW certified educator Clarissa Chun (USA) and the Olympic bronze medalist Marwa Amri (TUN) led this course.

‘I am amazed by the energy and enthusiasm these ladies have! None of the participants had any wrestling experiences prior to this course, but they learnt very fast and mastered key points in short period of time.’, stated by Clarissa Chun.

Amal Baatia, Board Member of the Saudi Arabian Wrestling Federation, and Sherif Halawa, Secretory of the NF highly praised the efforts and commitment of United World Wresting towards developing wresting worldwide. ‘We have male wrestling for many years, this is the first time any women are involved in the sport of wrestling. We have to start somewhere. ‘

‘Thanks to the Saudi wrestling federation for initiating this activity. This is an introductory course for female coaches, with the support of the federation, the ladies who attended this course will continue their path and deepen their knowledge in wrestling coaching. I’m confident that we will be having young female athletes representing Saudi soon.’ said Deqa Niamkey, UWW Development Director, ‘We need great people in the country to lead the growth of our sport.

KSA WW course

The UWW is very pleased with the implementation and participation at this course and is looking forward to support and nurture the sport of wrestling in Saudi, and the whole region, with future events and courses.