Jong Gives DPR Korea Second Major Title in Two Weeks at Asian Games

By William May

INCHEON, Korea (September 27) – JONG Hak-Jin (PRK) won the men’s freestyle 57kg crown at the Asian Games on Saturday, giving DPR Korea bragging rights to the two of the finest bantamweight wrestlers in the world.

Jong’s gold medal comes two weeks after teammate YANG Kyong-Il (PRK) won the world championships title at 57kg in Tashkent. Despite the world title, Yang is reportedly No.2 in DPR Korea behind Jong who won the Takhti Cup crown in February.

On the night of championship finals at Dowon Gymnasium in central Incheon, Korea, Jong opened up a 7-0 lead over Asia champion Rasul KALIEV (KAZ) and held on through the final minute for an 8-6 win.

s14b8833.jpgMeanwhile, Bekzod ABDURAKHMANOV (UZB) went one better than his world bronze medal in Tashkent with the Asian Games gold medal at 70kg, defeating hometown hero OH Man-Ho (KOR) 7-2.

Abdurakhmanov became only the second wrestler – not named Dilshod MANSUROV (UZB) or Artur TAIMAZOV (UZB) -- from Uzbekistan to win an Asian Games gold medal. Alexej CHEGLAKOV (UZB) struck gold in Greco-Roman at 96kg in 2002.

Three-time world champion Mansurov and three-time Olympic Games gold medalist Taimazov also won gold medals in three straight Asian Games from 2002 to 2010.

In the women’s, Japan won the first pair of gold medals. Eri TOSAKA (JPN) defeated 2013 world champ SUN Yanan (CHN) for the 48kg crown and Rio WATARI (JPN) edged world champ SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL) in the semifinals on her way to the 63kg crown.

Wrestling continues Sunday with action in freestyle at 65kg and 97kg, and in female wrestling at 55kg and 75kg.

Summaries of the medal finals:

57kg - Freestyle

s14b8380.jpgJONG Hak-Jin (PRK) hit a four-point double-leg attack for a 7-0 lead over Rasul KALIEV (KAZ) midway through the second period, then held off a frenzied comeback attempt by the Asian champion for an 8-6 triumph.

In the bronze medal matches, Yasar Dogu winner BATBOLD Nomin (MGL) scored back exposure off a double-leg attack for a 5-3 win in the closing seconds over Fumitaka MORISHITA (JPN).

YUN Jun-Sik (KOR) received a point off the 30-second penalty clock and added a go-behind for 5-2 win over Nikolay NOEV (TJK) in the other bronze medal bout.

Gold: JONG Hak-Jin (PRK) df. Rasul KALIEV (KAZ), 8-6
Bronze: BATBOLD Nomin (MGL) df. Fumitaka MORISHITA (JPN), 5-3
Bronze: YUN Jun-Sik (KOR) df. Nikolay NOEV (TJK), 5-2

Semifinals: JONG Hak-Jin (PRK) df. Fumitaka MORISHITA (JPN), 4-2
Semifinals: Rasul KALIEV (KAZ) df. YUN Jun-Sik (KOR), 9-3

70kg -- Freestyle

World bronze medalist Bekzod ABDURAKHMANOV (UZB) used a low-single attack and spin behind counters for a 7-2 win over OH Man-Ho (KOR) for his his first major international title.

s14b8486.jpgEleman DOGDURBEK UULU (KGZ) launched a back-arching throw for four points one minute into his bronze medal bout with JANG Myong-Song (PRK) and added a slking-leg takedown in the second for a 6-0 win.

Veteran Takafumi KOJIMA (JPN), a silver medalist at the 2006 Asian Games, picked away at LING Haiwei (CHN) for an 8-0 win in the other bronze bout.

Gold: Bekzod ABDURAKHMANOV (UZB) df. OH Man-Ho (KOR), 7-2
Bronze: Eleman DOGDURBEK UULU (KGZ) df. JANG Myong-Song (PRK), 6-0
Bronze: Takafumi KOJIMA (JPN) df. LING Haiwei (CHN), 8-0

Semifinals: OH Man-Ho (KOR) df. JANG Myong-Song (PRK), 1-1
Semifinals: Bekzod ABDURAKHMANOV (UZB) df. Takafumi KOJIMA (JPN), 6-0

48kg - Female Wreslting

s14b9213.jpgReigning world champ Eri TOSAKA (JPN) worked a pair of front headlocks for takedowns and eased her way past SUN Yanan (CHN), 5-1, in a reprise of her World Cup win over the 2013 world champ in Tokyo in March.

In the bronze medal matches, Asia champion Tatyana AMANZHOL (KAZ) overwhelmed Maliwan MUANGPOR (THA) with takedowns and turns for a technical fall at 2:54. Commonwealth Games winner Vinesh (IND) scored with a series of go-behinds for a technical fall over ERDENESUKH Narangerel (MGL) at 2:31.

Gold: Eri TOSAKA (JPN) df. SUN Yanan (CHN), 5-1 
Bronze: Tatyana AMANZHOL (KAZ) df. Maliwan MUANGPOR (THA) by TF, 10-0
Bronze: Vinesh (IND) df. ERDENESUKH Narangerel (MGL) by TF, 10-0

Semifinals: SUN Yanan (CHN) df. Maliwan MUANGPOR (THA) by TF, 10-0 in 2:45
Semifinals: Eri TOSAKA (JPN) df. Vinesh (IND), 6-4  

63kg -- Female Wrestling

s14b7687.jpgRio WATARI (JPN) gave up a go-behind to 2011 world champ XILUO Zhuoma (CHN) but then tripped the 2013 Asia champion to her back with three seconds remaining in regulation for 4-4 win on criteria and the gold medal. 

SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL), 60kg world champ crowned in Tashkent, got her double-leg attack going against KIM Kyeon-Geun (KOR) and wrapped up a 10-0 technical fall at 2:24 for one bronze medal.

Geetika JAKHAR (IND) used a leg grapevine and cranked LY Thi Hien (VIE) over for the fall at 0:55 for the other.

Gold: Rio WATARI (JPN) df. XILUO Zhuoma (CHN) by creiteria, 4-4
Bronze: SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL) df. KIM Kyeon-Geun (KOR) by TF, 10-0
Bronze: Geetika JAKHAR (IND) df. LY Thi Hien (VIE) by FALL, 0:55

Semifinals: Rio WATARI (JPN) df. SUKHEE Tserenchimed (MGL), 11-8
Semifinals: XILUO Zhuoma (CHN) df. Geetika JAKHAR (IND) by FALL in 5:46 (11-7)