Japan’s Furuichi wins third consecutive World title on first day of women’s competition

By Tim Foley

Japan's Masako Furuichi finishes a single leg takedown against Germany's Nicole Amann in the 65kg finals of the FILA Cadet World Wrestling Championships in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Furuichi would go on to win her third-straight Cadet World title. Photo Credit: Martin Garbor, FILA News Bureau.

T.R. Foley, FILA News Bureau

ZRENJANIN, SERBIA  (Aug. 22) On an afternoon otherwise noteworthy for parity, Japan’s Masako Furuichi put on a record setting performance, earning her third-consecutive Cadet World Championship by beating Germany’s Nicole Amann, 6-1.

Furuichi wasn’t challenged en route to her third title, earning two technical falls across four wins and only giving up one point. The 17-year-old Japanese wrestler will now inch up the crowded Japanese roster and hope to make the Junior squad in 2014.

Despite her individual performance, the expected domination of the Japanese team never materialized, with the powerhouse women’s program winning two weights and taking a bronze in a third. Champions from four countries were represented across the five weights, showing a parity that’s lacked in recent years.

At 38kg Oksana Livach of Ukraine looked outstanding in her finals match against Romanian Christina Zoltan, earning the fall in 3:13. Livach also beat defending 38kg World Champion Marina Doi of the United States in the first-round. Doi came back from that early loss to earn bronze against Aleksandra Skirenko of Russia denying her country the chance to medal at all five competed weights. Ramona Eriksen of Norway took the other bronze.

Elvira Abilkairova of Kazakhstan started her day off with a 10-3 technical fall over eventual bronze medalist Japan’s Amiru Tanaka. Abilkairova never looked back, earning three more technical falls on her way to the gold medal performance over Miglena Selishka of Bulgaria.  Russia’s Nadezhda Sokolova earned the other bronze medal.

Kika Kagata of Japan turned in a gutsy performance in the 49kg finals coming back from an early takedown against Alina Kazmova of Russia to earn the fall in 3:21. Though she started slow, Kagata remained poised and eventually used a leg-lace to step over to pancake the deflated Kazmova. Luisa Springmann of Germany and  Kataryna Mashkevych of Ukraine rounded out the 49kg podium.

Russia’s Maria Kotsareva used two takedowns and late-match hand-fighting skills to win a gutsy 3-0 decision over Alexandra Wolczynska of Poland at 56kg. The Russian held the center of the mat for the :45 as her Polish opponent fought to create an opening for her stymied offense. The United States earned it’s second medal of the competition as Teshya Alo earned a late second-period fall against European Champion Grace Bullen of Norway.

Overall, wrestlers from 10 countries won medals on the first day of competition, signaling the growth of programs from around Europe and Asia.

The final five weights of the women’s division begin tomorrow at 2pm local time. Stay tuned to FILA-Wrestling.com and FILA Wrestling on Facebook for up to the minute results and recaps.


Women’s freestyle

38 kg/83.75 lbs.

Gold – Oksana Livach (Ukraine)

Silver – Christina Zoltan (Romania)

Bronze – Marina Doi (USA)

Bronze – Ramona Eriksen (Norway)

5th – Ulkar Babayeva (Azerbaijan)

5th – Aleksandra Skirenko (Russia)

7th - Derya Kaya (Turkey)

8th - Mamta Mamta (India)

Gold – Oksana Livach (Ukraine) pin Christina Zoltan (Romania), 3:13

Bronze – Ramona Eriksen (Norway) tech. fall Ulkar Babayeva (Azerbaijan), 11-2

Bronze – Marina Doi (USA) dec. Aleksandra Skirenko (Russia), 5-3


43 kg/94.75 lbs.

Gold – Elvira Abilkairova (Kazakhstan)

Silver – Miglena Selishka (Bulgaria)

Bronze – Nadezhda Sokolova (Russia)

Bronze – Amiru Tanaka (Japan)

5th – Turkan Nasirova (Azerbaijan)

5th – Bidyarani Potshangbam (India)

7th – Evanghelina Rusteac (Romania)

8th - Azzaya Tumurjav (Mongolia)

9th - Fatma Piraz (Turkey)

10th - Augusta Eve (Canada)

Gold – Elvira Abilkairova (Kazakhstan) tech. fall Miglena Selishka (Bulgaria). 7-3 (2 three-point throws)

Bronze –Amiru Tanaka (Japan) tech fall Bidyarani Potshangbam (India), 7-0

Bronze – Nadezhda Sokolova (Russia) pin Turkan Nasirova (Azerbaijan), 0:58


49 kg/108 lbs.

Gold – Kika Kagata (Japan)

Silver – Alina Kazmova (Russia)

Bronze – Luisa Springmann (Germany)

Bronze – Kataryna Mashkevych (Ukraine)

5th – Janika Vakkila (Finland)

5th – Daniela Lopez Mejia (Mexico)

7th - Suzana Seicariu (Romania)

8th - Cadence Lee (USA)

9th - Elizabeth Fagan (Canada)

10th - Elif Yanik (Turkey)

Gold – Kika Kagata (Japan) pin Alina Kazmova (Russia), 3:21

Bronze – Luisa Springmann (Germany) dec. Janika Vakkila (Finland), 3-2

Bronze – Kataryna Mashkevych (Ukraine) tech. fall Daniela Lopez Mejia (Mexico), 12-4


56 kg/123.25 lbs.

Gold – Maria Kotsareva (Russia)

Silver – Alexandra Wolczynska (Poland)

Bronze – Madina Barkbergenova (Kazakhstan)

Bronze – Teshya Alo (USA)

5th – Alexandra Anghel (Romania)

5th – Grace Bullen (Norway)

7th - Nade Dragunova (Belarus)

8th - Kathrin Mathis (Austria)

9th - Arianna Carieri (Italy)

10th – Bolortuya Khurelkhuu (Mongolia)

Gold – Maria Kotsareva (Russia) dec. Alexandra Wolczynska (Poland), 3-0

Bronze – Madina Barkbergenova (Kazakhstan) pin Alexandra Anghel (Romania), 3:21

Bronze – Teshya Alo (USA) pin Grace Bullen (Norway), 3:52


65 kg/143.25 lbs.

Gold – Masako Furuichi (Japan)

Silver – Nicole Amann (Germany)

Bronze – Daria Shisterova (Russia)

Bronze – Zhamila Bakgergenova (Kazakhstan)

5th – Rani Babita (India)

5th – Nelli Brinle (Sweden)

7th - Magdalena Ragginger (Austria)

8th - Daryna Legusha (Ukraine)

9th - Aleksandra Kotlewska (Poland)

10th - Khalbazar Narbaeva (Uzbekistan)

Gold – Masako Furuichi (Japan) dec. Nicole Amann (Germany), 6-1

Bronze – Daria Shisterova (Russia) pin Rani Babita (India), 4:18

Bronze – Zhamila Bakgergenova (Kazakhstan) dec. Nelli Brinle (Sweden), 6-0


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