Introduction to Refereeing course hosted on sidelines of FISU Combat Sports

By United World Wrestling Press

SAMSUN, Turkey (October 3) -- Introduction to Refereeing Course was held from September 23 to 27, 2022 in Samsun, Turkey on the sidelines of the FISU University World Cup Combat Sports.

The course, held with the collaboration of FISU for the first time, was supported by the Turkish University and the national federation. It was conducted by UWW Educator, Levent SEN.

UWW Referee Commission member Ibrahim CICIOGLU and FISU Wrestling Technical Committee Chair coordinated the composition of candidates who were from different universities in Turkey.

The first purpose of this course was to bring the young student-athletes, who gave up wrestling at a young age, back to the wrestling family. A total of 16 university students [10 men and six women] attended the course.

FISU President Leonz EDER and President of Turkish University Sports Federation Dr. Mehmet GUNAY attended the opening session of the course. 

After the course, Eder said that FISU emphasizes collaborations with the international federation and the course is a good chance for the former athletes to turn and serve their sport in a different aspect. He also thanked UWW President Nenad LALOVIC for giving this opportunity to the students.

TUSF President Gunay said he is very happy to be involved and facilitate such a course and will always provide support to improve wrestling at the university level.

During the course, both the theory and practice were conducted with presentations to depict all things refereeing. In the practical session, every trainee had one minute for refereeing. Their performance was video recorded and the UWW Educator reviewed their refereeing mechanism and gave his assessments for the same.

The trainees also had the chance to feel the atmosphere of competition as all of them attended the FISU World Cups competition from September 26 to 30. They were the referee candidates for two days.

All 16 of them were present to analyze the weigh-in procedure of the competition, the meeting of the referees before the bouts and the bout itself. They also got the experience of sitting next to the timekeeper and working as a timekeeper.

Other activities included drawings by the trainees of what a referee looks like, making a house of cards using only one hand inside the time limit which was 10 minutes and four different puzzles [for every group one puzzle].

The goal of these activities was to improve team coordination and find solutions when faced with problems.

A rock, paper, scissors tournament was also used to explain the pairing system. Every trainee took numbers from the draw and placed them in a bracket. According to the pairing system, they competed in the rock, paper, scissors game.

From the elimination to the bronze and gold medal matches, the trainee who won two of the three games was the winner. For the bronze and gold medal matches, a best-of-five system was followed.

To work on mechanics, a mirror activity was conducted with one person walking around and others who must do exactly what he does -- hold a whistle, change levels, score points, start using a whistle and likewise.

Finally, a shadow game during the practical session included a trainee practicing refereeing on the mat without wrestlers to imagine the situation that can arise during the bout.


Wrestling Academy Bern gets new training facility

By United World Wrestling Press

BERN, Switzerland (December 5) -- Wrestling Academy Bern officially opened a new training facility in Bern last month with much celebration. With an aim to bring wrestling out of the shadows in Bern and Switzerland, WAB has been making consistent efforts and celebrated a successful year with the opening of the new club.

The United World Wrestling has also donated equipment to WAB and has overviewed the constant progress of the club.

Around 130 guests attended the opening and among them were companions and supporters of the WAB, who contributed in various ways to the successful year of the young club.

The club was founded in 2018 and set itself a goal of constructing and expanding the training premises which was completed on November 25.

“Sport unites! The guest list is a mixed bag of people who are seeing a wrestling mat for the first time today and others who have been in the sport their whole lives," Robin Pietschmann, Team Manager, said emphasizing how representative the event is of an important cornerstone of the WAB.

The club was sourced via a crowdfunding project, which was carried out in the spring of 2022 on the “I believe in you” platform.

"The occasion is therefore also an opportunity for us today to say a big merci to those who have diligently supported and donated," Nadine Pietschmann added at the opening.

The WAB has successfully achieved promotion to the National League B [Swiss Wrestling Challenge League which the active team achieved a few weeks ago.

The Swiss Wrestling Federation also sent a representative to this special occasion. The head of the league, Gabriel Christen, congratulated the Wrestling Academy Bern on the new club and training facility and also emphasized the exemplary youth work of the young club.

"Nothing is as old as yesterday's success," emphasized Robin Pietschmann at the end, which in no way diminished the joy and pride of what was achieved. He also pointed that the next steps will be much more difficult than the previous ones.

The official part ended with a demonstration by some members of the WAB active team. The interested audience got a spectacular insight into the training operations and also into the basics of wrestling.