India Matches Japan With Five Semifinalists on Day Two of Women's Wrestling

By Richard Immel

ATHENS, Greece (Sept. 7) – Japan continued its run of dominance on the second day of women’s wrestling at the Cadet World Championships, but it was India posting the most memorable performance on Thursday as all five of its women qualified for the semifinals.

India boast two returning Cadet World medalists in today’s field. Cadet World champion Manisha MANISHA (IND) qualified for the 46kg semifinals against 2016 Cadet Asian champion Remina YOSHIMOTO (JPN). Neither Manisha nor Yoshimoto have surrendered a single point to opponents thus far in their combined four victories. Anshu ANSHU (IND), last year’s Cadet World bronze medalist, will face Cadet European champion Erika BOGNAR (HUN) in the 60kg semifinals.

Joining the semifinal party for India are Cadet Asian runner-up Simran SIMRAN (IND) at 40kg, Cadet Asian bronze medalist Karuna KARUNA (IND) at 70kg and Minakshi MINAKSHI (IND) at 52kg. Simran will battle Hanano SAKURAI (JPN) in a crucial semifinal bout for the team race. Karuna is the favorite in her semifinal against Alena TIMOFEEVA (RUS). Minakshi must upend returning Cadet World silver medalist Andreea Beatrice ANA (ROU) to earn a finals berth. 

The Japanese squad matched India with five semifinalists of their own. In addition to Yoshimoto and Sakurai, 2016 Cadet Asian champion Yuzuka INAGAKI (JPN), Cadet Asian bronze medalist Yuka KAGAMI (JPN) and Naomi RUIKE (JPN) made it through the morning session unscathed.

Inagaki goes up against 2016 Cadet European bronze medalist Anastasiia SIDELNIKOVA (RUS) in the 52kg semifinals. Cadet European bronze medalist Morena DE VITA (ITA) will challenge Ruike at 60kg. Lastly, Kagami and Kelani Sara Tsugie CORBETT (USA) will compete for a finals berth at 70kg.

The only other country to place multiple wrestlers in the semifinals was Russia. 2015 Cadet World champion Ekaterina MIKHAILOVA (RUS) joins her teammates Timofeeva and Sidelnikova in tonight’s session. Cadet Pan American silver medalist Lucia Yamileth YEPEZ GUZMAN (ECU) awaits Mikailova in the 46kg semifinals.

The remaining semifinal pairing comes at 40kg, with Aishan YUSIFOVA (AZE) taking on returning Cadet World silver medalist and Cadet European champion Petya Zarkova DELCHEVA (BUL).

The bronze-medal bouts at 38kg, 43kg, 49kg, 56kg and 65kg were all finalized on Thursday morning following the repechage round.

Japan’s lone repechage entrant Karin UEMATSU (JPN) wrestled back to a bronze-medal match at 38kg, guaranteeing all 10 Japanese women will compete in a medal match this week.

Ukraine secured four berths in tonight’s medal round. India and Russia both have three athletes competing for medals this evening.

The action continues from Ano Liosia Olympic Hall with women’s wrestling semifinals at 17:30, which will be immediately followed by medal matches.

A live stream of the Cadet World Championships, in addition to schedule, brackets and results, are being provided on the United World Wrestling event page.

Women’s Wrestling Finals (38-43-49-56-65kg)

38kg (12 entries)

Gold – Mariia TOMYSHCH (UKR) vs. Shahana NAZAROVA (AZE)

Bronze – Julieta Esperanza MARTINEZ GONZALEZ (MEX) vs. Mamata Maruti KELOJI (IND)

Bronze – Karin UEMATSU (JPN) vs. Luchana BEKBAULOVA (RUS)


43kg (16 entries)

Gold – Umi ITO (JPN) vs. Emily King SHILSON (USA)

Bronze – Aldynai DARZHAA (RUS) vs. Karina CHORNOMOR (UKR)

Bronze – Neelam NEELAM (IND) vs. Roxana Alexandra TIF (ROU)


49kg (19 entries)

Gold – Suzuna YOSHIMURA (JPN) vs. Mariia TIUMEREKOVA (RUS)

Bronze – Natallia VARAKINA (BLR) vs. Zeynep YETGIL (TUR)

Bronze – Ayaulym TUGANBAYEVA (KAZ) vs. Tetiana PROFATILOVA (UKR)


56kg (23 entries)

Gold – Sonam SONAM (IND) vs. Sena NAGAMOTO (JPN)

Bronze – Anna Hella SZEL (HUN) vs. Ida Emma Diana JOENSSON (SWE)

Bronze – Anastasia BLAYVAS (GER) vs. Angelika Agnieszka MYTKOWSKA (POL)


65kg (23 entries)

Gold – Alara Lea BOYD (USA) vs. Honoka NAKAI (JPN)

Bronze – Viktoryia Alesia DZEHTSIARENKA (BLR) vs. Aina TEMIRTASSOVA (KAZ)

Bronze – Oksana CHUDYK (UKR) vs. Siyka Todorova IVANOVA (BUL)


Women’s Wrestling Results (40-46-52-60-70kg)

40kg (11 entries)

Semifinal – Simran SIMRAN (IND) vs. Hanano SAKURAI (JPN) 

Semifinal – Aishan YUSIFOVA (AZE) vs. Petya Zarkova DELCHEVA (BUL)


Quarterfinal – Hanano SAKURAI (JPN) df. Regina MILLER (RUS) by VSU, 10-0 

Quarterfinal – Aishan YUSIFOVA (AZE) df. Mariam KARELIDZE (GEO) by VFA, 2-0 

Quarterfinal – Simran SIMRAN (IND) df. Aidana SULTANOVA (KAZ) by VFA, 2-0 

Quarterfinal – Petya Zarkova DELCHEVA (BUL) df. Amina PONOMAROVA (UKR) by VPO, 9-0


46kg (20 entries)

Semifinal – Ekaterina MIKHAILOVA (RUS) vs. Lucia Yamileth YEPEZ GUZMAN (ECU) 

Semifinal – Manisha MANISHA (IND) vs. Remina YOSHIMOTO (JPN)


Quarterfinal – Lucia Yamileth YEPEZ GUZMAN (ECU) df. Anastasiya YANOTOVA (BLR) by VFA, 6-0
Quarterfinal – Manisha MANISHA (IND) df. Maria LEORDA (MDA) by VSU, 10-0  
Quarterfinal – Ekaterina MIKHAILOVA (RUS) df. Jekaterina JERMALONOKA (LAT) by VFA, 6-0  
Quarterfinal – Remina YOSHIMOTO (JPN) df. Ana Maria TORRES RUBIO (ESP) by VSU, 10-0


52kg (22 entries)

Semifinal – Andreea Beatrice ANA (ROU) vs. Minakshi MINAKSHI (IND) 

Semifinal – Yuzuka INAGAKI (JPN) vs. Anastasiia SIDELNIKOVA (RUS)


Quarterfinal – Minakshi MINAKSHI (IND) df. Ellada MAKHYADDINOVA (KAZ) by VPO1, 7-2  
Quarterfinal – Anastasiia SIDELNIKOVA (RUS) df. Thi My Trang NGUYEN (VIE) by VPO, 7-0  
Quarterfinal – Andreea Beatrice ANA (ROU) df. Mariana DRAGUTAN (MDA) by VPO, 8-0  
Quarterfinal – Yuzuka INAGAKI (JPN) df. Khongorzul BOLDSAIKHAN (MGL) by VSU1, 12-2


60kg (23 entries)

Semifinal – Erika BOGNAR (HUN) vs. Anshu ANSHU (IND) 

Semifinal – Naomi RUIKE (JPN) vs. Morena DE VITA (ITA)


Quarterfinal – Naomi RUIKE (JPN) df. Patrycja DUDEK (POL) by VFA, 8-0  
Quarterfinal – Anshu ANSHU (IND) df. Anastasiia PAROKHINA (RUS) by VPO1, 6-2  
Quarterfinal – Morena DE VITA (ITA) df. Antonyna KULAHINA (UKR) by VSU1, 14-4  
Quarterfinal – Erika BOGNAR (HUN) df. Alexandria Ellysse LILES (USA) by VPO1, 2-1 


70kg (17 entries)

Semifinal – Karuna KARUNA (IND) vs. Alena TIMOFEEVA (RUS) 

Semifinal – Yuka KAGAMI (JPN) vs. Kelani Sara Tsugie CORBETT (USA)


Quarterfinal – Karuna KARUNA (IND) df. Hanna MASLAKOVA (BLR) by VPO1, 2-2  
Quarterfinal – Kelani Sara Tsugie CORBETT (USA) df. Romana VOVCHAK (UKR) by VPO1, 8-4  
Quarterfinal – Alena TIMOFEEVA (RUS) df. Wiktoria CHOLUJ (POL) by VSU1, 15-5  
Quarterfinal – Yuka KAGAMI (JPN) df. Bernadett NAGY (HUN) by VSU, 10-0