Bulgaria hosts Grappling referee educator course

By United World Wrestling Press

Sofia, Bulgaria (August 22) – United World Wrestling hosted the first-ever Grappling Referee Educator Course in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The course was held from 12-16 August at the Ramada Hotel in Sofia.  The course was conducted prior to the start of the U20 World Championships which was hosted by the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation.

The course was attended by 5 expert Grappling referees.  They included Mr. Vito PAOLILLO (ITA), Mr. Richard TADO (USA), Mr. Hrant KOTANJYAN (ARM), Mr. Akim ABDRAKHMANOV (KAZ), and Mr. Gary BIRD (CAN).  At the course, they learned various techniques and adult learning principles to help deliver more effective courses.  The educators were able to practice and improve those skills directly during the course.  “The Educator course was an outstanding experience of Learning. It totally changed my view on how you should run a course to make the participants interested and engaged in the topics.  It worked well because being a student in this you see in real time how this new method is working on you during the course and how Zach manage to keep you always active and never bored during the 3 days.” said Vito PAOLILLO. “The UWW Educator Course this week in Sofia, Bulgaria was an amazing experience. Not only from a student’s perspective but it also excelled from educators’ point of view. Our instructor, Zach Errett brought a plethora of knowledge to the course and instructed our class with the highest level of today’s information and respect.” said Richard TADO. “The skills that I got on how to conduct my future courses was important knowledge on how to make people interested and engaged in session.” said Hrant KOTANJYAN.

TextParticipants from the first-ever Grappling Referee Educator Course gather for a photo. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

This educator course was conducted on the first 3 days and was led by Zach Errett, UWW Education Manager. “I was very impressed with this group.  They were very open and willing to learn new skills to help them as educators.  It was amazing watching them improve each session and apply the principles that were taught during the course.  I see great things in the future for the Grappling referees.”  Said Zach Errett.

After the educator course completed, the Grappling Referee Educators stayed for 2 additional days to develop materials for their upcoming courses.  They were able to discuss best practices and the content that should be covered.  This group also had the opportunity to attend part of the U20 World Championships.  While there, they observed how the Olympic styles referees work at the competition.  This provided a chance to look for ways to improve the referees in Grappling.  “I appreciate the continued support from UWW and I’m looking forward to working with all the UWW Federations as we all grow the sport of UWW Grappling across the world.” said Richard Tado.


Dominican Republic hosts Coaches Courses Level 1, 2, Introduction to Refereeing

By United World Wrestling Press

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (October 3) A series of UWW courses were held in the city of Santo Domingo from September 25 to 29; The courses were: Coaches Course Level 1 and Level 2 and Introduction to Refereeing. A total of 31 participants, between coaches and referees, took part in the course. The educators were all local, from different provinces of the Dominican Republic.

This course is part of the UWW's education program, and the purpose is to provide the coaches with tools to strengthen their professional work. The course consisted of several sessions between, theoretical and practical, structured in such a way that what was learned in the classroom was applied on the mat.

This course was made with the support of the Olympic Solidarity Dominican Olympic Committee and the Dominican Wrestling Federation.

The opening ceremony was held in the Dominican Olympic Center on September 25 and was attended by distinguished personalities such as the President of the National Olympic Committee and the Dominican Wrestling Federation, Antonio CORLETTO, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the NF, Onésimo RUFINO, Technical Director of NF, Rodolfo Castro Martinez and Olympic Solidarity of the NOC, Lussy Caraballo.

CourseParticipants discuss theoretical and practical topics that will ultimatly be uitalized on the mat. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

The course was officially inaugurated after listening to the notes of the Dominican National Anthem and the words of welcome by Antonio Corletto.

As we are used to, we had the facilitators Pedro ROJAS (PUR) for the coaches and Abraham GALVA (PUR) for the referees. 

"I want to thank on behalf of the two women who are present in this course, thanks to our administration, to Olympic Solidarity, and thanks to God, today we were able to learn. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts because today, we will no longer be like before. Thanks to our excellent facilitators. I am sure that our colleagues and I will not return to our provinces empty-handed," said Francia Mayelin Perez, woman referee.

The Dominican Wrestling Federation is working very hard in the development of the sport in its country. And from the UWW, we hope to continue working in this way with them and accompany them in their growth and institutional strengthening.