Belau Wrestling Federation Delivers Course to Increase Capacity of Coaching, Number of Coaches

By United World Wrestling Press

The Belau Wrestling Federation delivered a Level 1 coaching course with the goal of increasing capacity of coaching as well as the number of wrestling coaches in Palau. 

The course was held June 7-11 in Koror, Palau, prior to the Belau National Games. Ilai MANU (TKL) served as the education of the course, while John TARKONG Jr. (PLW) organized the course. 

Ten coaches participated in the course, including two women. 

"I learned that being a coach means taking huge steps by leading a people who are following my every move," said Uilao TARKONG, a newly certified coach. "Instead of getting nervous I am now confident leading and at the same time taking risks."

A mat donated by United World Wrestling last year was used to deliver the practical part of the course. Palau NOC provided all the other resources required to deliver the course.

The Belau Wrestling Federation hopes to hold a regional Level 2 course in the near future.