Wrestling Key Player in ASOIF's 'Women Lead Sports' Programme

By United World Wrestling Press

Led by UWW Development Director Deqa Niamkey, wrestling and its development team played a key role in fulfilling ASOIF's mission to provide classes and leadership opportunities to female leaders in sport looking to "strengthen their self-confidence and acquire important skills to influence, negotiate, communicate, navigate politics, manage stakeholders and lead in male-dominated environments"

A snippet from the ASOIF article:

During the last two months, more than 60 future women leaders from ASOIF’s member federations successfully completed a series of virtual live-coaching sessions, aimed at preparing them to serve in elective positions of their respective International Federation (IF), Continental Association or National Federation.

The “Women Lead Sports” online masterclass, run by professional coach Gabriela Mueller, was created to help increase the number of women in leadership positions across the Olympic Movement. Amongst others, participants learn how to strengthen their self-confidence and acquire important skills to influence, negotiate, communicate, navigate politics, manage stakeholders and lead in male-dominated environments. They also receive personalised coaching, helping them to define their next strategic steps. The course tailored to ASOIF’s member federations was adapted to the current reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, with congresses and elections taking place in different formats and requiring strong skills in digital communication. Senior women leaders joined certain sessions to share their experience, provide advice and inspire.

“The programme was a swift and effective response to prepare an equal future in a COVID-19 sports world and thereafter”, said Gabriela Mueller. “Even though in many cases the pandemic has been gender-regressive across several sectors, the online masterclass empowers women to run campaigns, get elected and lead.”

Full story on the ASOIF website, here


Level II Course for Coaches and Referees in Guatemala

By United World Wrestling Press

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (December 30) -- 15 coaches and 5 referees from different departments from Guatemala participated in the UWW Course for Coaches and Referees Level II from the 7th to 13th December 2021 in the Guatemala National Wrestling Training Center. This course was organized by the National Federation of Guatemala, United World Wrestling Development Department, and the National Olympic Committee of Guatemala with the support of Olympic Solidarity.

UWW certified educators Abraham GALVA (PUR) for referees and Pedro ROJAS (PUR) for coaches.

The course was focused on the updating of new regulatory changes and at the same time in which they learned about teaching methodology and planification of sports training.


Group discussions were realized and experiences from other coaches were presented about topics related to methods and processes about sports training by age and stages. During every session, participants including coaches and referees showed a great level of commitment.

Recently retired athlete and current National Coach Christian Jose MOX ARIAS said “I’m very excited to have this kind of workshop in my country. This will help me to develop my skills as a coach and I can’t wait to give my students all the new knowledge.”

After the course, at the closing ceremony were present Francisco LEE LOPEZ, President UWWA, the President of the Guatemala Federation Ramón Francisco GONZÁLEZ PINEDA, and members from the National Olympic Committee of Guatemala awarding the participant with the participation certificates.