UWW to Virtually Host Women in Wrestling Forum

By Eric Olanowski

VEVEY, Switzerland (October 25) --- United World Wrestling will virtually host the ’21 Women in Wrestling forum November 29th and December 6. They've partnered again with the Switzerland based leading institution Women Lead Sports (https://www.womenleadsports.com) and the renowned expert Gabriela Mueller to bring you the Women Lead Sports Master Program. 

The admitted participants will be divided in two groups to best suit their time zones:
For Europe/Africa/Asia and Oceania  
• Session One 29.11.2021 from 9-11 hrs. CET.
• Session Two 6.12.2021 from 9-11 hrs. CET.
• Session Three Q&A and Graduation/Certificates 17.01.2022 from 9-10:30 hrs. CET. 

For Europe/Africa/Americas: 
• Session One 29.11.2021 from 14-16 hrs. CET.
• Session Two 6.12.2021 from 14-16 hrs. CET 
• Session Three Q&A and Graduation/Certificates 17.01.2022 14-15:30 hrs. CET.

Deqa, NIAMKEY, UWW Development Director, presents at the '19 Women in Wrestling forum. There were 50 female participants from 40 nations in attendance at the four-day forum in Istanbul. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

The core aim of the program is: to help women and supportive men in sports to lead, to get better results in their organizations, and to increase influence. The program is backed up by a successful track record (over a decade, updated to today's reality) – taught by experts and it includes strategies that really work.

The objectives of the Women Lead Sports Master Program are:
• To learn effective leadership strategies, techniques, and applicable tactics that work today. 
• To empower participants to shape the future of Wrestling as a global sport.
• To coach women to get elected, promoted, or nominated as leaders.
• To increase a diverse talent pool in leadership within UWW at all levels.
• The program has been adapted to the new normality in Post-Covid reality.
• To add concrete value in a unique training online experience and empower women leaders in every latitude who want to step up and lead.

We are enthusiastic and convinced that the online experience will be empowering and create real change in gender-balanced leadership teams of the future. This program will be conducted in English. Participants are required to obtain the adequate language proficiency to participate in discussions and group works. Both women and men are encouraged to apply through their national federations. 

Each federation could propose a maximum of two (2) candidates. If you're interested in attending the '21 Women in Wrestling forum, please apply by contacting your national federation. Applications sent by individuals will not be accepted.

We remain at your disposal should you have any questions. You may also contact the UWW Development representative who is responsable for your continent 

For Africa, please contact Vincent Aka: [email protected]
For Americas, please contact Yuri Maier : [email protected]
For Asia, please contact [email protected]
For Europe and Oceania, please contact [email protected] 

United World Wrestling looks forward to receiving your candidate proposals. Thank you for your support and commitment to advance gender parity in wrestling.


Hungary Today: President Lalovic Accepts Hungarian State Award

By United World Wrestling Press

BUDAPEST, Hungary (December 2) --- On Wednesday, President Lalovic traveled to Hungary to accept the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division award while also signing an agreement for the Hungarian capital city to host competitions, training camps and seminars.

Nenad Lalovic, president of United World Wrestling (UWW), was presented with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division on behalf of President János Áder on Wednesday in recognition of his efforts to develop and popularise wrestling in Hungary and worldwide.

At the ceremony at the Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy (KIMBA), the Serbian official also signed an agreement with László Süle, the academy’s curator, on a partnership between KIMBA and the UWW in the global development of the sport. Under the agreement, KIMBA will host several international wrestling events, training camps, seminars and other types of programmes.

On Wednesday, President Lalovic accepted the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division award at the Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy (KIMBA).

In his acceptance speech, Lalovic called the award a “great honour”, saying that whereas it was a recognition of the efforts of the past several years, the new agreement between UWW and KIMBA was about the future and a result of the joint efforts of Serbia and Hungary.

In the featured photo (from left to right): Nenad Lalovic and Szilárd Németh, president of the Hnugarian Wrestling Federation and vice president of Fidesz. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI

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