UWW unites UNAOC on #OneHumanity Campaign to promote global change

By United World Wrestling Press

VEVEY, Switzerland (November 7) --- United World Wrestling (UWW) and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) have joined forces to support the #OneHumanity campaign. This collaboration aims to harness the power of sports to promote social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, and peace-building efforts worldwide.

As part of their partnership, UWW and UNAOC will work together to leverage the global reach and influence of wrestling to advance the goals of the #OneHumanity campaign.

The campaign, initiated by UNAOC, focuses on fostering unity, understanding, and solidarity among diverse communities through the shared values of respect, inclusion, and equality.

By uniting their efforts, UWW and UNAOC aim to utilize wrestling as a platform to advocate for social change and create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration across cultures. Through this collaboration, both organizations seek to highlight the transformative power of sports in promoting harmony and breaking down societal barriers.

The #OneHumanity campaign emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity and empowering individuals to become agents of positive change. UWW's dedication to promoting inclusivity and UNAOC's commitment to intercultural dialogue align seamlessly with the campaign's core principles.

"We are thrilled to partner with United World Wrestling in promoting the #OneHumanity campaign," said Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the High Representative for UNAOC. "Wrestling, with its deep-rooted history and global appeal, serves as an ideal vehicle to convey the message of unity and togetherness. Together, we can inspire individuals and communities to embrace diversity and work towards a more inclusive and peaceful world."

As part of their collaborative efforts, UWW and UNAOC will organize joint initiatives, awareness campaigns, and educational programs that highlight the values of respect, diversity, and equality. Through these activities, they aim to engage wrestling communities, athletes, coaches, and fans in promoting a culture of inclusivity and social cohesion.

"We are honored to partner with UNAOC for the #OneHumanity campaign," said Mr. Nenad LALOVIC, President of United World Wrestling. "Wrestling transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds, and we firmly believe in its power to bring people together. By collaborating with UNAOC, we can leverage wrestling's global reach to promote understanding, respect, and unity among individuals from all walks of life."

The collaboration between United World Wrestling and UNAOC for the #OneHumanity campaign is a testament to the shared commitment to harness the power of sports for social good. Together, they aim to create a lasting impact and inspire positive change within the wrestling community and beyond.

About United World Wrestling:

United World Wrestling is the international governing body for the sport of wrestling and oversees wrestling competitions across the globe. With a commitment to promoting fair play, inclusivity, and gender equality, UWW strives to inspire athletes and contribute to the development of wrestling as a sport and a way of life.

About UNAOC:

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is a political initiative of the United Nations that works towards bridging divides and promoting understanding between cultures and religions. Through various programs and partnerships, UNAOC seeks to create a more inclusive and harmonious world by addressing issues of youth, migration, media, education, and women as agents of peace.


Serbia hosts UWW Level 2 coaching course

By United World Wrestling Press

DIVCIBARE, Serbia (November 27) – After a strong performance at the World Championships, Serbia organized a coaching course to help grow and develop their coaches. This course was conducted in collaboration between United World Wrestling and the Serbian Wrestling Federation. The UWW Level 2 course was held at Divcibare, the same location as the World Championships Acclimation Camp held in September. The course was led by Mr. Georgi SREDKOV (BUL) and Mr. Árpád RITTER (HUN) from November 13-17.    

The Level 2 course focused on many topics around developing effective practice plans. This included the following topics:  basic wrestling skills, performance analysis, theoretical frameworks, practice plan essentials, strength and conditioning, and practice plan series. Dr. Milorad DOKMANAC (SRB) also delivered a session on performance analysis from the most recent major competitions. This allowed the 49 coaches in attendance to see how matches were won and what techniques were successful at those levels. In addition to training topics for the course, the participants also participated in sessions on athlete safeguarding, nutrition and weight management, and mental development of wrestlers.

“The course went great. There were many participants, club coaches, all national coaches and competitors wanting to become future coaches," said Georgi Sredkov. "The conditions at hotel and base were excellent--top level. The trainers were positively fit and it showed in the many smiles. During the course, wonderful ideas emerged for developing the sport of wrestling.”

“I think we have passed a well-successful course. The older generation, together with the young people, were positive towards our ideas," said Árpád Ritter. "It was nice to be here and hear the different ideas and see what they heard, think about, and try to use from the course! I am in the fortunate position that I also learned from them.” 

SRBParticipants spend some time together on the mat at he UWW Level 2 course in Divcibare. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

Quotes from some participants:

"The course was of high quality, very educational and presented and conducted in a great way. The lecturers Georgi Sredkov and Arpad Ritter were up to the task, accurate, precise, very thorough, available for cooperation and questions, as well as providing answers and constructive solutions. I really appreciate it and I look forward to new friendships and even better education and friendship. Thank you!" - Dragana Jankov

"I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in this seminar, improve my knowledge and get to know the local wrestling scene. These events are important for the future development of positive sports practices and I am happy to be a part of them. Big thanks to the whole organization and amazing lecturers for providing us with the latest industry knowledge to support our future work." - Abel Antonio Balsinde Acosta

"This course has not only equipped me with new training methodologies but also affirmed the effectiveness of my existing approach. Learning innovative training principles from Georgi Sredkov and Arpad Ritter has broadened my skillset while confirming that my current strategies align with best practices. Empowered and validated, I'm eager to apply these skills, and I look forward to attending the next course." - Vukašin Veizović

"I express my great gratitude for the wonderful seminar in all respects. I would be grateful for new seminars (new topics) of this amazing lectures. (Georgi Sredkov and Arpad Ritter) Thank you very much! The information was presented in a very interesting and accessible way, all the questions of interest were answered!" - Ivan Mladenovic