UWW LIVE: Ismail Musukaev (HUN), 2019 World Bronze Medalist

By United World Wrestling Press

Ismail MUSUKAEV (HUN) claimed a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships at 65kg. Originally hailing from Russia, Musukaev now competes for Hungary and has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Musukaev joined Eric Olanowski to talk about his transfer from Russia to Hungary, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympic Games through his run to a world bronze medal, and the improvements that need to be made in the next year to improve his world bronze to an Olympic gold.


UWW LIVE: Sofia MATTSSON ??: Rio Olympic bronze medalist

By Eric Olanowski

The six-time world medal winner and Rio Olympic bronze medalist joined Eric Olanowski to talk about winning gold at last weekend’s #WrestleNice Henri Deglane. She also talked about the difficulties of juggling being a mother and chasing down the opportunity to wrestle at a fourth consecutive Olympic Games.