United World Wrestling unites Indian Ocean with first regional development tournament

By United World Wrestling Press

PORT LUIS, Mauritius (May 2) --- The UWW Development Department conducted the first-ever Regional Educational Development Tournament (REDT) in the Indian Ocean. This event was hosted in collaboration with the Mauritius Wrestling Federation. The REDT is a regional course and tournament centered around training and educating the coaches and referees. At the conclusion of the courses, there was a scheduled tournament to provide opportunities for countries in the region to compete in an international competition.

The Development Week in Mauritius was conducted from April 16-25. This event included participants from Mauritius (Mauritius and Rodrigues), Madagascar and Comoros. 

From April 17-21, a Level 1 and 2 Coaching Course was conducted by Vincent Aka and Frederic Rubio.  This course worked with 19 coaches and focused on how to coach for Level 1 and on the development of practice plans according to level 2.  The coaching course ended with the topic “Wrestling and motors preference” introduced by Frederic Rubio.  This was the place to explain and demonstrate a series of tests to be done by the young wrestlers and coaches.

From April 21-23, Charles Villet piloted a non-certification referee course focused on the introduction to refereeing. The course start with both the referees and coaches working directly together. During this course, 19 coaches and referees took part in the coaching. The goal was to improve their skills and knowledge as a referee and to better understand each other and work together. Both groups built strong values together during the course and finally adopt the slogan "Indian Ocean unit."

Paricipants from Mauritius and Rodrigues, Madagascar and Comoros gather during the Development Week in Mauritius from April 16-25.

This program has contributed to upgrading the coach's and referee’s skills and methods of teaching to ensure that competitors are at the standard requirement and well prepared to compete on the international level to bring better results and to be familiar with the rules and regulations of UWW to avoid losing marks unnecessarily. This program has also been an advantage to create new coaches and referees to support the Federation to set up additional wrestling schools, particularly in remote areas where wrestling is not accessible to increase the number of wrestlers in our countries.

Concerning Mauritius, "This program was great support for the preparation of our athletes for Birmingham 2022 and the Indian Ocean Island Games in 2023 at Madagascar” said Mr. Richard PAPI, President of Mauritius Wrestling federation. The events were covered by the local newspapers, radios, national TV and social media. This has touched the public at large. It has had a positive effect on our discipline to obtain visibility since the end of the program people have started to contact the federation gathering information about wrestling and some are interested in joining the training team, awesome."

"This program has really proven to be very efficient as one of the first of its kind. It's a grassroots program that will contribute to providing opportunities to further develop wrestling based on the needs and realities of all our National Federations," said Mrs. Deqa Niamkey, United world wrestling Development Director. "It also allows the participants to play different roles and understand the aspects of delivering a wrestling competition and covering all the aspects required to make a successful sporting event."

To conclude, the Regional Educational Development Tournament ended with a regional competition with sportsmanship and goodwill. The emotional part of the event is that the participants have created a slogan that is " Unité Océan Indien" which was adopted unanimously.

Overall, this was a great step in hosting and developing the Regional Educational Development Tournaments in the Indian Ocean.  For more information on REDT events in the future, visit the UWW website.


Pam-Am training camp wrestlers win 24 medals in Acapulco

By United World Wrestling Press

MEXICO CITY (May 21) -- Before the Senior Pan-American Championships in Acapulco, United World Wrestling and Mexico Wrestling Federation held a training camp from April 1 to May 2 in Mexico City.

A total of 74 wrestlers from eight different Pam-Am countries participated in the month-long camp. Wrestlers from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico were at the camp and supported by UWW's Development Department Technical Assistance program.

Out of the 74 wrestlers who participated in the training camp, 24 stepped up on the podium at the 2022 Pan-Am Championships in Acapulco, and 14 won a quota for their countries for the 2023 Pan-American Games to be held in Santiago, Chile.

pan am

The wrestlers were housed at the Mexican Olympic Sports Center (CDOM) for 23 days of the camp and were provided with all the necessary facilities for optimal performance. They had three meals, planned according to the nutritional needs of high-performance athletes, per day in the CDOM dining room.

All participants had access to the different facilities of the CDOM including the mat sessions which were held in the recently inaugurated Olympic Wrestling Gymnasium, a facility that has three official mats, a sauna, showers, physical conditioning equipment, ice machine, among other amenities for the athletes. They also had training sessions in the physical conditioning gymnasium and the athletics track of the CDOM.

pan am

For recreation, the wrestlers had access to different amenities, such as television, board games, foosball, and movie projection, among others.

All the coaches for the different countries had an active role in the development of the training sessions, making this training camp enjoyable for all the participants and creating partnerships between countries.

Medical, psychological, and physiotherapeutic care to all participants who required it was also provided by Dr. Jacques Rogge of the Center of Medicine and Applied Sports Sciences. 
Medical specialists were available 24-hours a day and an ambulance was available in case of an emergency.