United World Wrestling Launches World Championship

By William May

Newly christened United World Wrestling launches wrestling’s marquee event, The World Championship, with competition in four freestyle categories on Monday, September 8.

Wrestling’s world governing body voted Sunday at its regular Congress to inaugurate a new era under a new name – United World Wrestling -- with new ideas to promote and market one of humankind’s oldest sports.

The new will meet the old at the Gymnastics Sports Palace in Tashkent where World Wrestling will oversee the September 8-14 championships with more than 1,000 participants from nearly 80 countries expected to take part. Wrestlers will vie for medals in 24 categories in three different disciplines.

Wrestling kicks off Monday with competition in the men’s freestyle categories: 

57kg Brackets 

70kg Brackets 

86kg Brackets

125kg Brackets

Continuing with the theme of new meets old, the first championships under World Wrestling will feature one of the all-time greats on Day 1 as Khadshimourad GATSALOV seeks his seventh world-level title overall and his second at super heavyweight, 125kg.

Also on the first day, a showdown between defending and former world champions Hassan RAHIMI (IRI) and Viktor LEBEDEV (RUS) looms at 57kg.

Two new world champions will also be crowned at 70kg and 86kg, where 18-year-old Abdulrashid SADULAEV (RUS) attempts to cash in two cadet world crowns for the senior title against the speed and savvy of 2013 silver medalist Reineris SALAS PEREZ (CUB).