Seven wrestlers perish as devastating earthquakes hit Kahramanmaraş, Turkiye

By United World Wrestling Press

COSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (February 6) --- Multiple earthquakes hit the Kahramanmaraş province in southwest Turkiye, causing major loss. The reported earthquakes measured a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.8 and have also impacted the surrounding country of Syria.

Sports in Turkiye has been suspended and efforts are ongoing to recover those who have been impacted by the natural disaster.

The earthquakes have affected wrestlers who were participating in an international wrestling tournament in the province. The most recent reports have indicated that teams of France, Kosovo, and Uzbekistan have been transported out of impacted areas to safety. However, seven Turkish wrestlers have died, with many still unaccounted for as a consequence of the earthquakes.

“It is devastating to hear that the earthquakes have taken the lives of so many, and we are deeply saddened that seven brave wrestlers are among the many victims. I pray for the families and the Wrestling family sends our strength and support to the people of Turkiye and Syria during these trying times,” Nenad LALOVIC, United World Wrestling President, said.

UWW and Turkish Wrestling Federation are constantly assessing the developing situation.