DAKAR, Senegal (March 13) --- United World Wrestling held its African Seminar in Dakar, Senegal, February 13-15, bringing together representatives from various African wrestling federations. The seminar aimed to provide administrative training ahead of upcoming championships, such as the African Beach Wrestling Championship, African Games, and African Championship. The event was meticulously overseen by experts including Mr. Vincent AKA, Mme. Deqa NIAMKEY, and Mr. Youssef BOUAZIZ, an IT Specialist.

The seminar also aimed to address the pressing need for capacity building within African wrestling federations, recognizing the shared goal of advancing the sport on the continent. By focusing on federation management, particularly in preparation for upcoming championships, the sessions underscored the collective commitment to enhancing organizational capabilities and operational efficiency.

Central to this initiative was the acknowledgment of challenges encountered by various federations in managing their information systems. This common obstacle served as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants, fostering a sense of solidarity and mutual support.

Day 1: Technical and Technological Focus:

The first day of the seminar concentrated on technical and technological aspects crucial for effective federation management. Sessions included discussions on essential tools for federation offices, establishment of official email addresses, utilization of the Athena platform, and organizing Olympic sports. However, it was observed that some federations faced challenges due to the lack of technological resources such as laptops, printers, and physical infrastructure representing their federation back at their local country.

Day 2: Strategic Management Focus and Cultural Visit:

On the second day, the focus shifted to strategic management principles tailored to the needs of wrestling federations. Practical examples and national wrestling federation cases were employed to illustrate effective strategies for federation development. Additionally, a visit to the renowned wrestling arena in Dakar was organized, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the sport's cultural significance in Senegal. The excitement and joy among the representatives during this visit were palpable, highlighting the shared passion for wrestling and its rich history.

The engagement and dedication of present UWW (United World Wrestling) experts played a pivotal role in driving the seminar's success. Their expertise and guidance provided invaluable insights, empowering attendees with practical strategies and best practices to overcome existing hurdles and optimize their federation operations.

Overall, the seminar served as a testament to the collaborative efforts and shared interests within the wrestling community, epitomizing a commitment to excellence and progress in the sport's development.