Saudi Wrestling Federation Hosts Introduction to Refereeing Course for New Female Referees

By United World Wrestling Press

Following the vision of the Saudi Wrestling Federation, headed by Mr. Mashaal Aljomaih, a five-day introduction to refereeing course for females was conducted January 31- February 04, at the Green Halls in Riyadh under the auspice of the General Manager of the Leadership Development Institute Abdullah Bin Faisal Hammad.

The introduction to refereeing course was the first course ever for new female referees in KSA. Sixteen female participants from all over the kingdom attended the five-day course in Riyadh. And it was a great opportunity to introduce them to refereeing wrestling and its basic rules.

The course was financially covered by the Saudi Wrestling Federation and the Leadership Development Institute. Saudi Federation covered the domestic flight tickets and the full accommodation for all the female participants, while the Leadership Development Institute covered all the other expenses.

The UWW Educator Sherif HALAWA from Egypt assisted by the Cat I International Referee Mohsen Yamani, Chief of Saudi referees conducted the course. The Course was also an opportunity to teach the female participants how to use the electronic Arena system during the wrestling competitions. The Cat III international referee Saud Alsuhaibi assisted Mr. HALAWA in teaching the female participants how to use the Arena system.

The Saudi Wrestling Federation hosted an introduction to refereeing course for female referees. The course lasted five days and was held in Riyadh. 

During the course, three specialized lecturers from Kind Saud University did also some sessions in 3 different topics (Sports Psychology, Sports injuries, and Sports management). The Leadership Development Institute covers all the lecturers’ expenses.

All the female participants did not practice wrestling before. Therefore, during the course there was some theoretical sessions about the wrestling rules basis, some practical sessions on the mat (however they did not have the referees’ uniform), and some practical sessions on Arena system to manage a competition. For 5 days, the female participants watched many videos about wrestling rules and some matches to let them feel the sport of wrestling.

The Saudi Wrestling Federation made a decision to assign the new female referees to the coming national competitions to work as referees, especially to manage the Arena system and to work as judge. They must gain the experience through continuous participation at competitions, and step-by-step, they'll take the whistle and work as referees on the mat soon.


Guinea Hosts Referee and Coaches Course

By United World Wrestling Press

CONAKRY, Guinea (September 10th) -- Right after the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Guinean Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles pursued UWW's coaches and referee courses.

The Guinean Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles benefited from a consolidation course aimed at both coaches and referees. Indeed, in order to develop the Guinean Federation, its President, army captain Soumah Mohamed Souleymane, called on Mr Nenad Lalovic, the President of United World Wrestling, to reinforce the capacities of the technicians and administrators of his organization.

In answer to this request, United World Wrestling, through its Development Department lead by Deqa Niamkey, dispatched two UWW experts to fulfill the mission, including Vincent Aka, Development Officer, and Carlos Garcia, Educator.

As a starter to the beginning of the opening ceremony, the National Olympic Committee of Guinea, whose presence honored the assembly, set the pace by introducing the Guinean Wrestling Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles as the best sports federation in the country.

Picture one

Opening ceremony: UWW experts with the members of the Guinean Federation and the 1st Vice-President of the Guinean NOC.

The course took place at the 28 September Stadium in Conakry, from the 30 August to the 5 September. It saw the participation of 36 people, of which 11 were overseers and 25 participating athletes, including seven women. Very interested in understanding training methods and refereeing rules, 23 wrestlers attended all sessions.

Picture 2

The course’s objective was to equip coaches and referees for both Olympic wrestling and beach wrestling. In addition, skill acquisition in training and refereeing was on the program for, also, both Olympic and beach wrestling, and emphasis was put on how to create one’s club so as to ensure wrestlers the best safety possible. Returning to their homeland, Camara Fatoumata Yarie and Camara Mohamed Ismaël, both high-level athletes and residents at the UWW Africa Center, benefited from this course in the context of their professional transition.

picture 3

On the left, Camara Fatoumata, the top student of the promotion, with Camara Ismaël.

The main subjects of the course were training pedagogy, safety before, during and after practice, the ethics of a UWW trainer, the trainer’s environment and how does one navigate within. The rules and regulations of Olympic and beach wrestling were put forward and, above all, applied during the pedagogical situations.

picture 4

Simultaneously, the course offered the possibility to train the Guinean Federation to use the Athena platform and to the follow-up of emails.

The course ended with a beach wrestling competition that allowed all participants to set themselves in a real life situation with regard to all aspects of wrestling ; from coaching to wrestling and refereeing, coaches and athletes were gauged on the field.

pic 5pic 6

A glance on the attitudes and behaviors during this real life situation was enough to perceive the true potentials at works among the trainers, referees and athletes - and that cram the Guinean Federation of Associated Wrestling styles.

We will be able to fully chaperon the professionalization of this organization by overseeing the creation of its clubs and structures alongside the setting up of a privileged relationship with the National Olympic Committee. One of the main assets of the Federation is the direct link it enjoys with the army, the national police and the local police. The existence of military sport in our country offers a real opportunity to boost the development of wrestling. And the long-term vision that army captain Mohamed Souleymane Soumah singles out shall allow us to prevail.

pic 7

Closing ceremony.

pic 8

The girls’ collective ready for the take-off of wrestling in Guinea.