Saturday's Ivan Yariguin Freestyle and Women's Wrestling Finalists Determined

By Russian Wrestling Federation

KRASNOYARSK, Russia (January 27) -- The second day of action at the '22 Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin just wrapped up. The stage is set for Saturday's finals matchups 65kg, 79kg and 125kg, as reported by www.wrestrus.ru.

At 65kg, Olympic medalist and world champion Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (RUS) and the world and European champion Zagir SHAKIEV (RUS) did not fly to Krasnoyarsk due to illness. The winner of the European championship Nachyn KUULAR did not come out on the mat either. World and European meadlist Akhmed CHAKAEV(RUS)  lost in the quarterfinals to Ramazan FERZALIEV (RUS), who reached the final. His opponent in the main fight will be Shamil MAMMADOV (RUS).

In the non-Olympic weight of 79kg, Radik VALIEV (RUS) and Malik SHAVAEV (RUS) will meet in the final. Valiev defeated the American Alex DIERINGER (USA) in the semifinals, and before that, he was stronger than the world medalist Gadzhi NABIEV (RUS). Shavaev overcame Akhmed USMANOV (RUS) and Dmitry ZAIDINOV (RUS) (who defeated Kakhaber KHUBEZHTY (RUS)) during the tournament.

At heavyweight, the Russian final will take place between, Anzor KKIZRIEV (RUS) and Vitaly GOLOEV (RUS). It should be noted that the winner of the 2020 World Cup Shamil SHARIPOV (RUS) lost in the 1/8 finals to Vitaly GOLOEV (RUS), and the medalist of the European Championship Alan KHUGAEV (RUS) lost to Oleg BOLTIN (KAZ). Zelimkhan KHIZRIEV (RUS) did not take part in the competition after being removed by a doctor.

On the women's wrestling side of the competitions, the finalists were determined at 53kg, 57kg and 62kg.

Saturday's Women's Wrestling Finals Matchups:
53kg: GANBAATAR Otgonzhala (MGL) vs. Bolortuya BAT-OCHIR (MGL)
62kg: Macy KILTY (USA) vs. TSERENCHIMED Sukhee (MGL)

Saturday's Freestyle Finals Matchups
65kg: Shamil MAMMADOV (RUS) vs. Ramazan FERZALIEV (RUS)
79kg: Radik VALIEV (RUS) vs. Malik SHAVAEV (RUS)
125kg: Anzor KHIZRIEV (RUS) and Vitaly GOLOEV (RUS)

Friday's Final Results:
57kg. Ramiz GAMZATOV (RUS) df. Akhmed IDRISOV (RUS), 5-2
61kg - Abasgadzhi MAGOMEDOV (RUS) df.Fedor BALTUEV (RUS), 9-8

70kg - Victor RASSADIN (RUS) df. Anzor ZAKUEV (RUS), 9-4

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WATCH: '22 Ivan Yariguin Gold-Medal Finals

By Eric Olanowski

KRASNOYARSK, Russia (January 31) -- The Russian Federation dominated wrestling's Winter Classic in the central Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk over the weekend, winning nine of ten freestyle gold medals at the Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin.

The lone non-Russian gold medalist was Kyle SNYDER (USA). The Rio Olympic gold medalist and Tokyo Olympic runner-up won gold at 97kg and claimed his third Yariguin title. "Capitan American" downed Shamil MUSAEV (RUS), 8-3, and picked up his first Yariguin gold medal since '18.

On the women's wrestling side of the competition, Russia, Mongolia, the United States, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan shared the gold-medal wealth. Still, it was the host nation who claimed a tournament-best four titles.

Russia's four champs were Nadezhda SOKOLOVA (50kg)Irina OLOGONOVA (55kg), Khanum VALIEVA (68kg) and Ksenia BURAKOVA (72kg).

Mongolia, led by Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist BAT-OCHIR Bolortuya, won 53kg and 62kg gold. Bat-Ochir grabbed the 53kg title while SUKHE Tserenchimed (MGL) picked up the highest hardware at 62kg.

Helen MAROULIS (USA) and Patricia BRUNTIL (USA) were the United States' pair of champs. Maroulis, the Rio Olympic gold medalist and Tokyo Olympic bronze-medal finisher, earned an injury default win in the 57kg finals, while Bruntil stopped fellow American Forrest MOLINARI (USA), 4-2, in the 65kg finals.

The final pair of women's golds went to Alena KOLESNIK (AZE) and Elmira SYZDYKOVA (KAZ). They ended the competition atop the podium at 59kg and 76kg, respectively.

Freestyle Final Results:
57kg. Ramiz GAMZATOV (RUS) df. Akhmed IDRISOV (RUS), 5-2
61kg - Abasgadzhi MAGOMEDOV (RUS) df.Fedor BALTUEV (RUS), 9-8
65kg - Shamil MAMMADOV (RUS)  df. Ramazan FERZALIEV (RUS), 8-6
70kg - Victor RASSADIN (RUS) df. Anzor ZAKUEV (RUS), 9-4
74kg - Chermen VALIEV (RUS) df. Jason NOLF (USA), 6-1
79kg - Radik VALIEV (RUS) df. Malik SHAVAEV (RUS), 3-1
86kg - Dauren KURUGLIEV (RUS) df. Amanula RASULOV (RUS), 6-0
92kg - Guram CHERTKOEV (RUS) df. Tamerlan TAPSIEV (RUS), 2-0 
97kg - Kyle SNYDER (USA) df. Shamil MUSAEV (RUS), 8-3
125kg - Anzor KHIZRIEV (RUS) df. Vitaly GOLOEV (RUS), 8-7

Women's Wrestling Final Results:
50kg - Nadezhda SOKOLOVA (RUS) df. Anzhelika FEDOROVA (RUS), 10-0 
53kg - BAT-OCHIR Bolortuya (MGL) df. GANBAATAR Otgonzhargal (MGL), 9-0
55kg - Irina OLOGONOVA (RUS) df. Ekaterina ISAKOVA (RUS), 10-0 
57kg - Helen MAROULIS (USA) df. Olga KHOROSHAVTSEVA (RUS), via injury default
59kg - Alena KOLESNIK (AZE) df. Zhargalma TSYRENOVA (RUS), 6-3
62kg - SUKHE Tserenchimed (MGL) df. Macy KILTY eelty (USA), 11-0
65kg - Patricia BRUNTIL (USA) df. Forrest MOLINARI (USA), 4-2 
68kg - Khanum VALIEVA (RUS) df. Tatyana SMOLOYK (RUS), 4-0
72kg - Ksenia BURAKOVA (RUS) df. Davaanasan ENKH AMAR (MGL), via fall 
76kg - Elmira SYZDYKOVA (KAZ) df. Ksenia DZIBUK (BLR), 15-4