Russia Takes Women’s Team Title as a Five Nations Earn Finals Gold

By Tim Foley

Russia's Zainab Magomedova cries Friday night after pinning the Ukraine's Olena Kremzer in the 46kg finals of the Cadet Women's World Championships at the Sports Center in Zrenjanin. Magomedova's win helped Russia win the women's team title by three points over runner-up Japan.

T.R. Foley,FILA News Bureau

Zrenjanin, Serbia (Aug. 23)--The Japanese national anthem played more than any other country’s over the two day’s of the women’s freestyle competition, but when the final team standings were announced in at the Sports Hall in Zrenjanin it was the Russians who were serenaded by the chords of their homeland’s chorale.

It was close.  The Russians outscored the Japanese by only three points earning a final tally of 74, while the Japanese nibbled on their heels with 71 points. The Ukraine finished in third with 52 points.

Parity was a big part of second day of action with women from a dozen countries saw their flag raised Friday night including those from Mexico, Venezuela, and Belarus. Women from five countries earned gold across the five competed weight classes.

The most dominant individual performance of the finals belonged to two-time Cadet World Champion Mayu Mukaida of Japan. The 52kg wrestler made short work of Luiza Suleymanova pinning the Russian only 58 seconds. But Suleymanova wasn’t alone in losing by fall to the powerful Japanese wrestler -- Mukaida recorded four first period falls during the competition. Laman Gurbanova of Azerbaijan and Viktorya Didkivska of Ukraine earned bronze medals.

Kazakhstan once again showed improvement on the international stage, crowing their second champion of the women’s tournaments with Svetlana Ankicheva of who used impressive attacks and brute strength at 40kg to beat American Regina Doi, 4-0. Japan’s Mizuki Kosaka and Russia’s Veronika Gurskaya won bronze.

Local favorite, Ramona Galambos of Hungary gave a special performance for the supportive crowd, turning in a gold medal performance at 60kg a gold medal. The European champion beat Laura Charashvili of Belarus in the final by a score of 5-0. The Serbian fans were appreciative of her effort and greeted her win with a warm applause. The bronze medals went to Kriszta Incze of Romania and Shiomi Imai of Japan.

Russia’s championship was delivered in the second match of the evening, when 46kg scrapper Zainab Magomedova used a cradle to pin Olena Kremzer of Ukraine in 1:18. The Russian stayed on her knees after the call and began to weep, bringing her hands to her face before eventually running into the arms of her coaches. Adrianis Castillo of Venezuela used strong double leg finishes and a tough attitude to grind past Beata Kosla of Poland, 8-1, and take home bronze. Castillo’s was the only medal earned by a South American country. Miho Igarashi of Japan took home the other bronze.

Ukraine’s Anastasia Shustova used consecutive three-point whizzer throws to make quick work of Japan’s Mei Shindo, 8-2. Francy Radelt of Germany and Vanessa Yacarias Romero of Mexico rounded at the medalists at 70kg.

Overall, women from 15 countries earned medals during the women’s portion of the Cadet World Championships, including five countries represented on top of the awards stand: Japan (3), Ukraine (2), Kazakhstan (2), Russia (2) and Hungary. Last year women from 14 countries earned medals., while 16 stood on the award stand in 2011.

The first five weights of the Cadet World Wrestling Championships in men’s freestyle will begin tomorrow at 2pm local time with 42kg, 50kg, 58kg, 69kg, and 85kg. Finals scheduled to begin at 7pm.

Be sure to check out for the tomorrow’s LIVE Stream, and for any updates, highlights and photos from Zrenjanin.


At Zrenjanin, Serbia, August 23

Women’s freestyle

40 kg/88 lbs.

Gold – Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan)

Silver – Regina Doi (USA)

Bronze – Mizuki Kosaka (Japan)

Bronze – Veronika Gurskaya (Russia)

5th – Inna Roik (Belarus),

5th – Dinura Sulaimanova (Kyrgyzstan)

7th - Yuliya Plentnikova (Ukraine)

8th - Fatme Mandeva (Bulgaria)

9th - Aleksandra Gorecka (Poland)

10th - Nur Cinar (Turkey)

Gold – Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan) dec. Regina Doi (USA), 4-0

Bronze – Mizuki Kosaka (Japan) tech. fall Inna Roik (Belarus), 8-0

Bronze – Veronika Gurskaya (Russia) pin Dinura Sulaimanova (Kyrgyzstan), 1:15


46 kg/101.25 lbs.

Gold – Zainab Magomedova (Russia)

Silver – Olena Kremzer (Ukraine)

Bronze – Miho Igarashi (Japan)

Bronze – Adrianis Castillo (Venezuela)

5th – Namuuntsetseg Ysogt-ochir (Mongolia)

5th – Beata Kosla (Poland),

7th - Georgiana Burduf (Romania)

8th - Marina Zuyeva (Kazakhstan)

9th - Laura Schmitt (Germany)

10th - Emily Schaefer (Canada)

Gold – Zainab Magomedova (Russia) pin Olena Kremzer (Ukraine), 1:18

Bronze – Miho Igarashi (Japan) tech. fall Namuuntsetseg Ysogt-ochir (Mongolia), 7-0

Bronze – Adrianis Castillo (Venezuela) tech. fall Beata Kosla (Poland), 8-1


52 kg/114.5 lbs.

Gold – Mayu Mukaida (Japan)

Silver – Luiza Suleymanova (Russia)

Bronze – Laman Gurbanova (Azerbaijan)

Bronze – Viktorya Didkivska (Ukraine)

5th – Gizem Adiyaman (Turkey)

5th – Anzhelika Chshelchkova (Kazakhstan)

7th - Hannah Taylor (Canada)

8th - Jasmin Soam (India)

9th - Jenna Sihtola (Finland)

10th - Bolor-erdene Bat-orshikh (Mongolia)

Gold – Mayu Mukaida (Japan) pin Luiza Suleymanova (Russia), 0:58

Bronze – Laman Gurbanova (Azerbaijan) tech. fall Gizem Adiyaman (Turkey), 7-5 (2 three-point throws)

Bronze – Viktorya Didkivska (Ukraine) tech. fall Anzhelika Chshelchkova (Kazakhstan), 8-0


60 kg/132.25 lbs.

Gold – Ramona Galambos (Hungary)

Silver – Laura Charashvili (Belarus)

Bronze – Kriszta Incze (Romania)

Bronze – Shiomi Imai (Japan)

5th – Silvija Janovic (Serbia)

5th – Divya Kakran (India)

7th – Becka Leathers (USA)

8th – Zelfira Sadraddinova (Russia)

9th – Biliyana Dudova (Bulgaria)

10th – Gozde Yildirim (Turkey)

Gold – Ramona Galambos (Hungary) dec. Laura Charashvili (Belarus). 5-0

Bronze – Kriszta Incze (Romania) tech. fall Silvija Janovic (Serbia), 9-1

Bronze – Shiomi Imai (Japan) dec. Divya Kakran (India), 7-4


70 kg/154.25 lbs.

Gold – Anastasiia Shustova (Ukraine)

Silver – Mei Shindo (Japan)

Bronze – Francy Radelt (Germany)

Bronze – Vanessa Yacarias Romero (Mexico)

5th – Pooja Pooja (India)

5th – Vivien Szaraz (Hungary)

7th – Gracelynn Doogan (Canada)

8th – Arina Babkina (Russia)

9th – Tsetsegbayar Byambadorj (Mongolia)

10th – Alyssa LaFrancis (USA)

Gold – Anastasiia Shustova (Ukraine) tech. fall Mei Shindo (Japan), 8-2 (2 three-point throws)

Bronze – Francy Radelt (Germany) tech. fall Pooja Pooja (India), 7-0

Bronze – Vanessa Yacarias Romero (Mexico) pin Vivien Szaraz (Hungary), 0:57

Team Standings

1 Russia, 74 pts.

2 Japan, 71 pts.

3. Ukraine, 52 pts.

4. Kazakhstan, 45 pts.

5. Romania, 35 pts.

6. United States, 33 pts.

7. India, 30 pts.

8. Germany, 27 pts.

9. Azerbaijan, 20 pts.

10 (tie) Belarus, 19 pts.

10 (tie) Poland, 19 pts.

12. Hungary, 16 pts.

13. Turkey, 15 pts.

14 (tie) Bulgaria, 14 pts.

14 (tie) Mexico, 14 pts.

14 (tie) Norway, 14 pts.

17 Mongolia, 13 pts.

18. Canada, 12 pts.

19. (tie) Venezuela, 8 pts.

19. (tie) Finland, 8 pts.

21. Austria, 7 pts.

22 (tie) Kyrgyzstan, 6 pts.

22 (tie) Serbia, 6 pts.

22 (tie) Sweden, 6 pts.

25 Italy, 2 pts.

26. Uzbekistan, 1 pt.

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