Routledge to Publish International Journal of Wrestling Science

By United World Wrestling Press

Philadelphia – Taylor & Francis Group and the Curby Research Group LLC in association with the International Network of Wrestling Researchers (INWR) and United World Wrestling (UWW), are pleased to announce a new publishing partnership. Beginning January 2015, Taylor & Francis will publish and distribute the International Journal of Wrestling Science under the Routledge imprint.

The INWR has been the leading association for the study of the timeless and world-wide Olympic sport of wrestling. The work of the INWR aims to facilitate the development of wrestling through the support of wrestling-related research, education, and international and intercultural understanding and cooperation. Since 2007, it has been providing high-quality professional development, advocacy, and support of research for all professionals working in wrestling.  This includes sport scientists, coaches, teachers, sport administrators and medical personnel in the approximately 200 countries affiliated with the international governing body of the sport –United World Wrestling (UWW). TheInternational Journal of Wrestling Science is relevant to anyone involved in Olympic sport, particularly combative and weight category sports.

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