Medical Conference

Registration Open for World Wrestling Medicine Conference and Team Physician Course

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (July 26) -- Registration is now open for the World Wrestling Medicine Conference and Team Physician Course, which will take place October 24-26 at the University of Physical Education in Budapest Hungary, before the start of the U23 World Championships.

The event is being organized by United World Wrestling, Hungarian Wrestling Federation and the University of Physical Education, Budapest. Szabolcs Molnár is the director of the event.

Nineteen speakers from a dozen different countries will present on a variety of topics, including wrestling injuries, injury prevention, corticosteroid injections, overtraining and fatigue syndrome, doping rule violations, medical examinations, skin conditions and much more.

Participants can register through Athena for the U23 World Championships and select the box "Attend Medical Conference." A 150 fee will be charged and includes transportation, transport, conference registration, lunch and coffee breaks, as well as certificates.

Participants who wish to attend without registering through Athena via their National Federation may fill out this form and send it to A fee of 90€ per day for the participation in the conference will be invoiced to the applicant. The fee includes registration, conference material, lunch and coffee breaks, attendance certificate & training course certificates. Accommodation and transport are not included with the fee.

Rules and form for abstract submission:

Rules for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Form

Program Wrestling Medicine Conference

The deadline to register for the World Wrestling Medicine Conference and Team Physician Course is September 28.

Abstracts must be submitted by August 30, with the selection and announcement set for September 10.

For more information on the World Wrestling Medicine Conference and Team Physician Course, please contact



Medical Conference

Wrestling Holds Medicine Conference; Commission Announces Key Collaboration

By United World Wrestling Press

BUDAPEST (October 29) -- The World Wrestling Medicine Conference and Team Physician Course Program met last week in Budapest with 65 participants from 35 countries delivering a total of 22 presentations, 16 courses and one on-the-mat workshop over the program’s three days of events.

The conference was chaired and directed by Dr. Babak Shadgan and Dr. Szabolcs Molnar of the United World Wrestling (UWW) Medical and Anti-Doping Commission. 

A variety of topics were introduced across the three-days of conference presentations and team physician lectures. Prof. Dr. Nicola Maffulli focused on understanding, managing and preventing common injuries in wrestling, while Dr. Amir Pakravan tackled overuse and fatigue syndrome in wrestling; Dr. Eckart Diezemann focused on spinal injuries; and Dr. Reza Naghavi on the transmission of bloodborne illnesses. Other talks included reviews of prevention of common wrestling injuries, proper sports nutrition and updates on anti-doping regulations. 

Dr. Shadgan presented on the importance of proper referee decisions in stopping dangerous actions, and prevention of wrestling injuries. 

The conference also welcomed Kirsty Burrows (IOC consultant) and Dr. Judith Goss who brought attention to the discussion of on athlete safeguard and psychological harm in sports.

UWW 1S Referee and dentist Dr. Aviram Schmuely discussed about dental injuries and prevention in wrestling, also providing his refereeing point of view on medical issues.

When the Medical Commission met on Sunday the discussions focused on the review of the medical coverage the 2019 events, review of the recorded injuries, possibility for UWW certified team doctors to enter the FOP, the anti-doping program and the opportunity for developing Wrestling for visually impaired athletes.

The medical management of Wrestling competition was also discussed with the aim of helping doctors of local organizing committees earn proper training to take care of the medical coverage necessary for national and international tournaments. Dr. Pakravan also lead a discussion on how to properly care for an injured athlete when they are unable to leaver the mat on their own power, and Dr. Akos Santha discussed the principles of travel medications for teams.

The UWW Medical Commission also met in Budapest, announcing a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Sponsor Defense Soap.

Defense Soap CEO Guy Sako presented a document sharing his knowledge and experience on the prevention, education and treatment of skin infections within wrestlers. The research was then wrapped into an agreement between United World Wrestling and Defense Soap to develop an established Hygiene protocol for international wrestling to implement by the summer of 2020.

“This is a first for United World Wrestling Medical Commission to work closely with a sponsor that has extensive field knowledge and to work together to develop something positive long-term for the well-being of wrestlers worldwide,” said Shadgan. “We are excited about the effort.”